Questions From Your Childhood That Have No Answer


Childhood questions that have no answer. Childhood is the best and vital part of our lives. We don’t know that what is so precious in those moments but one thing that we can say is we never have any tension for our future and always keep on playing and love exploring the new world. Many things we have spent in our childhood but then we also have some weird life experiences for the first time.

Well, one thing that we say is we commit the new stuff in our lives and hence it makes our life experience the better one. There are many questions in our childhood for which still we have not to find an answer. But they left us to keep on thinking over them.

Here we are to discuss some of the childhood questions that have no answer

Think of Zack Morris. He had a cell phone in the early years of the 90s. Well, we know we have no cell phones then. But how he owned it? We cannot find a relevant answer to the question. At that time nobody had it and most probably the regular people as Zack was also portraying the role of the ordinary guy in the show.

childhood questions that have no answer

In the American animated children movie, Rugrat, Dil was trying to talk like the other guys and especially the babies. But then she also failed to do so. But till now we don’t even know that if we have to reach some certain age to talk to the babies or not. Maybe the babies would find it funny if you were talking to them.

This is one of the childhood questions that have no answer yet. Till now, we have kept on drinking the liquid inside the pipe tube, and it is our always favorite thing to eat. Many people even freeze it out and then eat it, but many others prefer to drink. But till now we have not understood that what is exactly inside it but if fall on our clothes will leave them stained forever.

We don’t understand the theory of the thinking level of the parents. Well, the two boys have the same name as Pete and Pete. But we don’t know why parents have done it and are not they getting confused when someone would call them and even the parents themselves for their children?

We don’t know the fact behind going to the school after being the famous personality or the scientist at the NASA. The case is here of Urkel. He is the super genius boy and also working at the NASA for the work and study on rockets and much more. He was the example of the clear extraordinary people but then also was going to school.

We don’t understand what has happened to Kuzco’s parents. Well, there was no fact out to tell that if his parents had died and Kuzco takes up the throne, or there was some other secret behind doing this.

Well, it makes us think over the matter of the babies. Babies play a lot with their toys, and hence they establish their stories and moments with them that you cannot ever forget in your life. But I think the given pictures depict the toys and if the babies were planning for selling them their worth.

Well, it is the story of the lady Mrs Potts. We cannot even suppose that how old she had clicked the below photograph, and also we don’t know that how old she was when she had a child, Chip.

Again here is the story of Mrs Potts to find out that what happened to her after two dozen kids at the end of the story. Well, it seems amusing a bit to us.

The red ketchup is the favourite one for many people and now there is an introduction to the new one that is purple. But till now we have not found that what was the problem with the red one and what is the speciality in the purple one.

We don’t know that it was to sell the products and increase the marketing of VHS Rewinders or it was the myth to rewind the tape in the VCR would go wrong or not.