Clothing Combination Mistakes That Make You Look Odd

1. Business Formals And Ballerinas

Clothing Combination Mistakes That Make You Look Odd

Or even flat shoes or loafers in that matter don’t look well with business formals. Such shoes make your ankles look broader. One needs to look sophisticated when wearing business formals, making stilettos an ideal option.

2. Denim And Long Tees

Clothing Combination Mistakes That Make You Look Odd

A tight and long t-shirt with denim is one style you should refrain from. It makes your torso length, and this can look too strange if you are tall yourself. Tuck the long tee in, that works! If you are not a person, who likes to tuck it in, go for simple tops.

3. Taking Big Bags To Events

Clothing Combination Mistakes That Make You Look Odd

Sure, large bags are practical, but they look too much for a social gathering, be it formal or informal. Smaller satchels or clutches look elegant and chic.

4. Short Skirts And Booties

Clothing Combination Mistakes That Make You Look Odd

A lot of people believe that booties and short skirts are made for one another. But the truth be told, booties make you look shorter. Heels are the best to pair up with short skirts. If you don’t find it comfy, go for high knee boots or a petty pair of flats.

5. Loose And Loose Combo

Clothing Combination Mistakes That Make You Look Odd

Excessive loose clothing mars the outfit. It will make your figure look disoriented, and it will end up hiding all features you should be flaunting otherwise. If you are wearing a loose top, pick a tight bottom. Know your body shape when you pick up outfits for yourself.

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6. Shorts And Tights

Clothing Combination Mistakes That Make You Look Odd

This was in vogue some years ago but not anymore! Shorts are too summer, so why pair it with something winter? Leave this disaster combo to where it belongs and keep your shorts for the sultry summers.

7. Tulip Skirts

We are not against the low waist tulip skirts. High waist tulip skirts, however, are a big no-no, no matter what your body time. These skirts look great when we are standing.  You can see a big belly, even if you are someone who has abs! Oh wait, it creates this illusion. Go for a pencil or skater skirts if you love wearing skirts. Make sure you know your body type correctly.

8. Oversized Shoes

When you buy heels, buying one size larger is alright. But trust me, they look ugly when worn. The right size will always make you look graceful. Shop for shoes in the morning to get the correct shoe size. Our feet tend to swell up towards the end of the day, and we might end up buying shoes that don’t fit us correctly.

9. Turtlenecks

Especially if you have a long neck. Please say goodbye to turtlenecks! It makes you look boxy, and you may appear shorter than you are. Even choker necks for that matter. If you like that warmness it provides, scarves make a good option.

10. Ill-Fitting Denim

What can be worse than jeans that don’t fit well! Due to rough usage, your jeans can lose shape quickly. If the pair of jeans are loose, get one size smaller as the latter would make your legs look out of shape.

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11. Bra Straps Showing

Your bra straps should not be shown until and unless you are wearing a bralette. Snap the straps together by holding them with a paper clip. This way you can flaunt their shoulders with grace.
The above hacks are simple and can save you from a wardrobe malfunction. Learn them and adapt them to portray a positive image of you.