Non-Physical Cheating That Are Still Cheating


7 Types Of Non Physical Cheating That Are Still Cheating!

Arent relationships complicated?

It all comes down to being invested emotionally with your partner. Before you start sensing insecurity, know that there is something beyond physically cheating! Emotional non physical cheating is a thing, and it has a negative impact on the bond. So many people in relationships have been through emotional affairs.

What is it exactly? Let’s read on.

1. Too Close With A Friend’s Comfort Who Is Of The Opposite Sex

The Kinds Of Non Physical Cheating, But Yet 'Cheating

Yes, we are targetting heterosexual affairs. If you don’t fall into this category, you know whom to maintain close contact with! Anyone who is trying to interfere with the magical moments you and your partner should be sharing should stay away from. It is possible to be attracted to someone, but you should think about your partner and how to hurt he or she may feel.

2. Virtually flirting

The Kinds Of Non Physical Cheating, But Yet 'Cheating

For people in a relationship, the internet can be a curse if not used correctly. It is effortless to flirt around with people online, and you can always stay anonymous too. This way you don’t even fear being caught, as everything can be deleted or hidden. But, if you are involved in this, yes, you are cheating.

Use the internet correctly. Why not bridge the gap between your love and you instead of flirting around?

3. The phone is your first partner

The Kinds Of Non Physical Cheating, But Yet 'Cheating

We have to agree; we do use our phones more than trying to have real-time conversations with people around us. It is toxic when you are with your love. Us millennials have a lot of obsession with our phones, and we depend on them much more than our partners themselves. It is quite horrid.

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4. Discussing Your Other Half With People

The Kinds Of Non Physical Cheating, But Yet 'Cheating

Of course, we all talk about our partnership with our near and dear ones. There is nothing wrong with it. However, if you always complain about him or her to others, it merely means that you aren’t trying enough to fix it. It alienates your bond altogether and bringing in a third party only worsens the situation. You may not know what your partner is up to, but along with your friends, you would end up judging them already!

5. Finding Solace In Strangers

You Try To Find Solace With Strangers

A lot of us like ME time, and we adore to spend some quality time. It is harmless as we all need some space for ourselves. It becomes toxic the moment when our emotional needs shift elsewhere. We end up picking random people and discuss personal things which we should be sharing with our partners in the first place. This indicates that you and your partner should be sitting down and resolve these issues instead of spacing out from one another.

6. Your Partner Is Unaware About Your Friendships

Our best friends are not necessarily our partners. We all have close friends, and nothing is wrong with it. Spending time with your gang is excellent as we revive our youth when we are with them. But such friendships shouldn’t mean that we should hide from our other half. It is an unhealthy relationship sign hand your bond will be highly unstable if such a problem occurs.

7. Your Fantasies Are Devoid Of Your Partner

Your Bedroom Fantasies Do Not Involve Your Partner

Don’t we dream of making love with someone we idolize? It is okay, but if you are continually having someone else in your mind except for whom you are with, then something is going wrong. You should be able to speak about your desires openly to your partner so that both of you feel satisfied and loved.

What are your views on emotional cheating? Let us know in the comments section below!