Companies That Spoil Their Employees Completely


Companies That Spoil Their Employees-Let us bring you to face the truth of our life. We wake up in the early morning and get ready for the work. It is hectic when you have to go to work for no free time with you. For consistent eight hours, you sit on the desk in front of the computer screen, and hence finally you get a chance to move back to your home looking for the free time so that you can rest and go to bed for sleep. Again the next morning you continue with your work. If your day dealing is like this schedule, then I can bet that lunch is the favorite meal of the person.

Companies That Spoil Their Employees Completely

Companies That Spoil Their Employees Completely

Many companies take their employees to another level by providing them with some pretty perks. Whereas other companies make the notes from these guys.


Companies That Spoil Their Employees Completely

We will place the Google company on the top of the list for such reasons. The headquarters of the company Google is in the mountain view, California. They provide their employees with the usual perks which include food. Along with that up to $12,000 in tuition reimbursement per year the company offers massages, climbing wall, and yoga. Moreover, you might get shocked at listening to the fact that Google continues to provide the spouse for their employees with 50% of their income for the next coming ten years. Is not it crazy?


If we consider some coffee shops, then we will find that they will not give any baristas to the people, but the company Starbucks takes it to another level. Starbucks company offers health insurance and full tuition reimbursement for an online bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University.

In addition to this, the employees at the Starbucks corporate office have access to childcare services and an on-site gym.


The full name of the Disney company is Walt Disney Company which offers free admission to any Disney park for its employees. Also, along with that they even provide free access to their employee’s family and friends. It is not enough because they discount on hotels and Disney merchandise. Well, it seems right on their part.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media handle in the world who treats their employees pretty well. If some Facebook employee is planning to have kids in luck and the middle of their job, then the Facebook company offers them extra four months Paid parental leave so that they can receive reimbursement for their childcare costs, and they will even hand you $4000 for all of you new-parent needs. They also get complete three meals of the day. So, we can say that you will not have to cook either in your life.


The Pinterest company is a partner with the Apple company in the sweet perk. The employees from this company can pick up any of the Apple product that they want with them to be productive at their work hours. A job description also reads that “Whatever you need to be productive is what you should be using.”


Many companies find productivity in the company through the working hours of the employees. But if we take the case of the company Netflix, there are no such beliefs with them. They will always try to find out what you accomplish. They will not even clock you for the regular work schedule. They will also not tell you anything if you are sleeping in every morning and getting late for your work.


People working for the company LinkedIn, enjoy eating free meals, fitness centers, and sports leagues. They are even ready to pay for your childcare and pet care for your fury children. In addition to that, you will also get a paid week off at the end of July and the year-end shutdown. Hence you will not need to come to the office to celebrate Christmas.

Jack Daniel’s

Every month, the employees working at the Jack Daniel company can enjoy drinking a free bottle of whiskey every month. The company provides them on their behalf. But we wonder that everyone just swallowed a bottle all the time in office. But it seems the natural thing to do anyway.