Some Drawing Of kids That Will Make You Think At Least Once Before Having Children


Hilarious drawing of kids-The children are the future of the country, and hence we have to prepare them accordingly to that. There are the necessary illustrations with us that will make you think at least once before planning a kid of you.

The future is in the grave peril. They will design their futures but with the help of their parents so that they can become good citizens. Here are some of their drawings that will speak a lot about your children.

hilarious drawing of kids

Fortune Teller

hilarious drawing of kids

When it is their childhood, we generally ask our children that what do they want to be in their future times when they grow up. But I think that the questions are irrelevant to the children. We should not ask the questions which might even pressurize them and also ruin their childhood golden period. And as the drawing depicts, the children want to say that once the world will get eaten up by the giant carnivorous space sperm.

Chilling children

We are never aware that the kids can be so morbid, but now you must not think that it is the rhetorical question because our parents are well aware of us as we are their children. The mortality of the children is not much more apparent tahn they talk with the little monsters that might replace them one day. The thinking of our children is next to us.

Happy Mother’s Day

Well, if we look for the best of our mother and our wife, then I think that dancing on their grave is a good thing. But if we believe that the child can even find the common interest, then I guess you must perform a little exercise while they are at it. You must go ahead by doing the best things for you. Teach the right matters to your children they will explore more things their own.

A Thoughtful letter

Well, I could not believe that children can do such things in their matter of performing the best. It seems like they are trying to teach us a good lesson with their letter which states that

“Dear Joey,

Hell is agony. My tears turn to Hornets, and my screams sound like a Dave Matthew’s cover band. Thanks for writing. See you sooner than you think.”

Parents must be lucky to have such children.

If you have kids with such high-level thinking, then it does not mean that they are because of your lucky charm. You all are after your life, and you must be lucky to have them in your life. According to the drawing of the children, we can find out that no matter you can hide the pot of gold, It might cause those little animals to come for blood.

You future planning

Well, we feel blessed that our children are taking a huge interest in human anatomy. They will be an excellent student in their life ahead. No one would be able to beat their intelligence especially their parents. They have mature thinking of the youngest level that our parents also cannot reach after being so prominent in age to them.

Gobble Gobble Chop Chop

Have you ever wonder how the thanksgiving would look if the turkeys were the dominant species on our planet? I think you have not thought of it anyhow. You would not be able to institutionalized as fast as it might disturb the young person.

And here is the comic strip.

If you think that murdering people is the solution to your problem because they can harm you, then I think you are wrong in believing such things. But when someone would read the title of the strip, then I think it was pornographic and hence, I think you must take into account the small victories where you can find them.


The kid is trying to learn negging at a very young age. But it is much sadness that the negging will work or not. But the proof is that the kid born in the first place.

Get The Kid To Check The Spellings

What do you mean by that? I think the kid has written it in the right way, but we people are only not trying to understand that they are trying to teach us. The horse lets people ride on him by exchanging the food with them.