The Couple Exposed The Reality Of Travel Bloggers Through The Instagram Pictures


Couple exposed the reality of travel bloggers-Social media sometimes becomes poisonous. It always makes us feel like we are missing out on something that is far bigger and greater than us. It is the internet phenomena of our fear of missing out or FOMO that is sweeping the world.

Couple Exposed The Reality Of Travel Bloggers

Many people among us have invested their life of complete strangers that seems like they are living the best version of their life as sometimes they are posting the pictures from the places that you have already visited.

There is one couple named Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris who spend their time mostly travelling the world. It is the famous pair on the Instagram. They give their online fanbase some real #FOMO or #Couplegoals moments. Do you understand what I mean to say?

They post their photos on the Instagram that are exposing the reality behind the pictures that they click. They also show their editing packages through the Instagram to their fans. They here want to show others that they too have access to the tools of best editing photography.

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You can have a look at their pictures below; you will see much difference for yourself.

1. Samoa: Here the couple has enjoyed a secluded swim.

The place where we can enjoy the secluded swimming. The couple has captured the photograph of this place beautifully.

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2. Morocco: The place where sun lights up everything correctly, but still there is a need of little help

There is all open place and sun shines brightly at this place. No extra more lights are required to light up the area, but by the time there is a need for a little help.

3. Rome, Italy: They did food photography. Moreover, the edits work beautifully for the food photography.

The editing tools for the food photography have worked beautifully. The couple captured the food scenes beautifully.

4. Bora Bora, French Polynesia: There is only so much that camera can do to capture the real beauty of any place.

5. Santorini, Greece: Sometimes the photos can use a little bit of a touch-up, and highlighting the concept of what the viewer should genuinely pay attention to such.

They captured the scene by their camera to highlight that place where the viewers should focus more. The various tools of the camera play a better role in highlighting.

6. Namibia: It is the desert that always offers you some good shots

The desert with the excellent photography shots. It is the place where you can capture nice photo shots.

7. California: It’s also the desert. It is very different and even offers a different aesthetic.

The desert is different from the others and also provides new aesthetic.

8. Machu Picchu, Cusco, Peru: It’s the place from where you can stare out at the wonders of the world.

9. Coachella Valley, California: Here the music fests are made that look good.

10. Egypt: In this shot, the camels get a little bit of a digital makeover.

11. Bali, Indonesia: Everyone would get enough time for the meal in paradise.

12. Beverly Hills, California: They were chasing after the stars.

13. Utah: The place where they catch the best light owl the time

14. Namibia: They give a little boost to their images that do not make them cheetahs

Here at this place, they captured the photos of cheetahs but with the help of editing tools of photography, they give a different look to the picture and which no more makes them cheetahs.

15. Cartagena, Colombia: It adds the right pop of colour to the image

It is a place which beautifully adds some right bright colours to the pictures. It highlights the images by adding some right pops to the photos.

16. Argentina: It is the best eye for photography. Nothing ever beats it though.

It is the best place for photography. Nothing can beat this place. It is such a fantastic place.