12 year old flies to bali-This is the story of 12 years old boy who steals his mom’s credit card and flew to Bali after an argument with his parents. He has managed all to pass through various security checkpoints. No one ever questioned him that where little kid was heading all alone.

12 year old flies to bali alone

12 year old flies to bali

A plucky 12 years old boy has flown to Bali, Indonesia after stealing his mother’s credit card. He stayed there for four days. Then his parents wised up there, and they flew down to take him back to Australia.


It is right that no one questioned him that where he is heading all alone and he managed himself to pass through various checkpoints. You would expect that Australian authorities would have realized something was amiss, but the first time the person asked who he was with him was at immigration in Bali.

The boy here visited in Bali after the mess with his mom, Emma and he decided to run away from his home. So he stole his mom’s credit card and reached Bali. With his mom’s credit card, firstly he has booked the cheap flight ticket to Denpasar, Bali and he claimed that he got a good deal on the flight tickets.

Though he was not looking for good deal tickets, He has also researched that at which airlines there is no requirement for the written permission of the parents to let their kid flew away. Moreover, after his research, he found that Jetstar offers him the same way he wanted.

He all needed to fly to Bali alone, and his student ID card proved that he is over 12 years old and in the secondary school and he also has a valid passport. The boy went to his grandma to help him to give him his passport that was the last obstacle to his escapade to Bali. She helped him and gave him his passport.


He packed his backpack with the essentials like a couple of t-shirts, shorts, shades, sunscreen, and sandals and took his tickets in hand. Moreover, before taking his scooter to catch the train to visit the airport, he told his parents that he is heading to the school.

He just had a carry bag with him as he had no check-in luggage so he did not have to go to the counter for check-in and he used a self-service kiosk. He managed all to avoid the questions that the staff of Jetstar might have had when they saw him.

He has boarded a connecting flight to Perth and then from there he flew to Denpasar. Moreover, in the Denpasar, at the immigration, he was asked about his mother that was she from the beginning of his journey.

He said to the immigration officer that, she was waiting outside for him. Also, the officer believed him and gave him an entry visa stamp on his passport. Once he got the entry stamp on his passport, he was free to enjoy and roar on the island by himself.

The smart boy of 12 years old has not only booked his tickets but also booked a room at All Seasons Hotel there. Once he landed on the island, he went there to the hotel and got the Go Jek bike taxi to go to the hotel.

In Bali, he partied for the next four days as much as a kid can. Despite not having the license, he hired the motorbike, and despite being underage, he tried the beer, and he recorded all this as an adventure on his mobile phone.

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He posted check-ins to his social media which helped the authorities to figure out him. He has posted his photos and videos through which the authorities tracked his phone to Bali and told his parents about his location who were a worry for him.

Then his parents booked their tickets to Denpasar, but unfortunately, they were stopped at Perth by Jetstar for not booked the return ticket. They signed a waiver and visited the island.

They got him, and we can not even imagine how much happy they were after reuniting their son. Moreover, the credit card bill went up high.

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Now, Jetstar does not allow to fly the children over 12 years old alone or without the written permission of their parents to avoid any future embarrassment.