8 Curious Facts About Germany


Facts about Germany-When we visited Germany for the first time, we expected something unusual by the everyday tasks of their people which make their lives more natural and comfortable. Whenever we visited there, it surprised us with their arrangement.

One from us has just come back from Germany, and she wants to share his experience and the exciting things she saw in Germany. You will get surprised to see the amazing things which make the life of the German people comfortable.

In the movie theatre

8 Facts about Germany

With the additional money, they get a chance to get extra minutes for the movie.

In Germany, there is a very convenient system for getting multiple tickets in the movie theatre which costs $23 every month. They take into consideration the regular price for a one – time movie theatre that usually varies between $8 and $9. Sometimes it can be $10. The regular theatergoer can buy a monthly ticket. It is convenient for them.

Moreover, you should be ready to pay for an ‘excess length’ of the movie. This price did not include the cost of the ticket. They require extra payment if the film lasts for more than 120 minutes.

In Germany, movie tickets are sold without indicating the certain seat number. You can choose any seat when you enter the theatre hall. There is a disadvantage also of this system. The problem is that if you are going late to the theatre hall, then you would not get the comfort seat which you like.

At the end, when the credits run over the screen, no one stands up from his seat, and they continue to sit and look at the screen for more time.

Apartment blocks

It is the way to sell homemade honey in the apartment blocks.

German people greet every person they see in the apartment blocks. Whether you are the owner of the apartment or you are coming to visit your friend, they will welcome you. Like in France and Great Britain, the first floor of the flats is not counted. If you are going to someone’s place and they said that they are living on the first floor, then you have to go to the second floor because they do not count on the first floor.

Trust in people

There is the availability of self-service of newspaper everywhere. To get the newspaper, you only have to put a coining the box, and you can get the newspaper from it.

And the persons also have to pay to use toilets at the petrol stations. You have to make payment by machine then it will print a 7- cent voucher to use the washroom. And if you buy fuel from there, then you will get a 5- cent discount.


This is one of the facts about Germany,  very much attention was paid to women’s security. In Germany, there are many hotlines for such life problems. These hotlines provide help to residents in 15 languages. There is no need to have medical insurance.

Christmas trees

German people start getting rid of the Christmas tree on January 1. They place their trees neatly on the pavement from where the road services take these trees with them for recycling. They put their Christmas trees on their special days. They keep these trees without decoration. If they do not utilize their trees as per rules, then they will have to pay fine.

About taste

In the foods of Germany, we get used to seeing unusual flavors. We get amazed to see a burger pizza and chocolate tortilla chips.

German humor

There is a great joke about a German ambulance. The sense of humor of German people has been the butt of many jokes in other countries. German people’s sense of humor is similar to English people.

A working day

German people start their working days early. They reach their working places at 7 a.m., and they end up their work at 4 p.m.

Most of the people in Berlin speak English. So you should not worry if you do not know German because you can talk in English. You will not feel uncomfortable there.