8 Curious Facts About Our Health


Facts about health-All people are curious about their health. We every day try to learn new things and the facts related to health. These things help us to stay healthy for a long time. Scientists think that they know everything about humans’ health, but it is not true. According to doctors, is we do not eat breakfast, it will not affect our health. When we are shivering at the time of cold, it helps us to lose some weight.

Here, we had analyzed some medical discoveries and listed down some facts which will help you to change your perception of health and lifestyle.

Women need more sleep than men

According to the researchers of Duke University, women need more sleep. They found that if they do not take enough sleep, then their physical and mental abilities would make a more significant toll than men’s skills. Women tend to get into the depressive state if they do not take enough sleep. According to Michael Breus, a sleep expert, if women do not get enough sleep, then they may tend to be more irritated in the morning.

People live longer who look younger than they are

Scientists from Denmark have studied 387 pairs of twins, and they have found that we can not judge a person’s long-time living just by looking at their faces. According to them, if a person seems younger than he is that he will live longer than the person who looks older than his actual age. According to them, it is all programmed at a person’s DNA level.

Our health does not get affected by the absence of breakfast.

8 Curious facts about health

In the year, 1944, general foods, breakfast foods producing company started an aggressive campaign. The company launched a PR campaign to increase the sale of their items which their store gave their clients leaflets that telling their clients how much important breakfast is for everyone. According to a nutritionist, breakfast is an essential meal of the day. The most important meal for lunch is cereals. According to all the experts, everyone should have breakfast. But according to medical researches, if you skip breakfast, it will not impact your health negatively, and it does not affect your weight.

Communication is the best remedy for men’s health.

A psychologist, Robin Dunbar and the director of Oxford University’s Social and Evolutionary Neuroscience research group, he claims that every man should meet with their 4-5 friends twice a week. They can spend their meeting time in any way like sports, going to bars. Men who enjoy more with their friends have a healthy immune system.

When you shiver at the time of cold, helps you to lose weight this is one of the amazing facts about health.

Scientists from Sydney from Garvan Institute of medical have found that if you shiver for about 10 minutes in the cold, it will lead to burn more fat than you can cook by the workout of one hour.

Your immune system becomes younger by cycling.

Scientists from the University of Birmingham have studied that the cyclists between the age of 55 and 79 ride a bike for several hours every day. According to researchers, cycling prevents declining muscle mass and power. It maintains the stability of fat and cholesterol level. Cycling helps in producing T-cells in humans. It means that your immune system becomes younger by cycling.

You can lose weight being restless.

According to various research studies, persons who do extra movements in their daily life do not get overweight. The actions of tapping the fingers and talking walking in the circles. These minor physical movements help us to burn out 350 extra calories per day. According to this fact, in a year, you can burn up to 30 lbs.

Nail hitting done in childhood is very good for health.

Canadian scientists have studied the habits of around 1000 people between the age of 5 years and nine years and several years. The scientists ran allergy tests. They found that children who bite their nails have decidedly fewer chances to develop asthma and they have a robust immune system. They found that the germs that get inside the children’s body through their nails make their immune system more robust and powerful.