Cycling computers are quickly becoming a favorite among keen cyclists around the world. Though they were confined to fitness clubs and health spas a few years back, they are also getting popular among average cyclists.

The astonishing idea of getting out into the lap of Mother Nature and enjoying cycling while keeping an eye on your vitals is fantastic! And this is where cycling computers come into the picture. These computers offer a range of information such as the bike’s speed, distance covered by the bike, power meters, heart rate monitor, and even Cadence sensors.

This popularity is also why many brands are venturing into the business of offering these cycling computers. However, cycling computers from NOMAD are ruling the scenario and providing the best quality computers to the users.

Let us walk through some of the essential features of a cycling computer that you should know about as a user.

How Do These Computers Work?

As per the definition, these cycling computers are electronic devices that you can attach to your cycles to get information related to your speed, distance covered, and other relevant cycling features.

Some effectual features of these computers are:

  • They come endowed with sensors as well as magnets that offer relevant GPS navigation;
  • They can easily calculate the speed and distance covered by your cycle;
  • Some advanced versions of these cycling computers can also measure Cadence for you.

These computers attach sensors to the wheels, which helps them collect the needed data such as speed. Also, you can make use of advanced accessories that different brands are developing.

Measure Your Heart Rate

Heart rates are an effective indicator of the number of calories you have burnt while cycling. Now, these computers can easily monitor your heartbeat rate while using sensors attached to your chest.

Thus, you can keep a check on your heart rate while you cycle your way to fitness with ease!

They are Water-Resistant

Though these computers boast of being water-resistant, experience shows otherwise. This level varies from one model to another.

You should not immerse models possessing altitude functionalities in water. The reason is that these models require a vent for the altimeter to work, which can cause water to seep in and cause issues.

You can also check the vulnerability quotient for water and dust by using the IP code. However, not every model possesses this feature.

Extra Features at Extra Cost

Though every model contains some standard features, you can avail yourself of additional features by paying a little more. Some of these other features include the ability to pair with your smartphone, check your heartbeat rate, etc.

In addition, these computers can also offer you features such as telling you about the maximum point you have reached, temperature, total ascent, and descent, elevation profiles, training targets, etc.

So, pay a little more and get additional accessories and features to make our riding experience awesome.

Pairing With Smartphones

Though this feature was not available earlier, recent models come equipped with this beautiful feature. With the help of different apps, you can easily pair your cycling computer with your bike.

This implies that the cycling computer would be able to access your smartphone’s sensors due to this pairing feature. Also, this means that the computer can use the GPS feature of your smartphone to record the data about your location.

Another benefit of this feature is that you can keep your phone safely away in your bag while you enjoy your cycling. The average cost of such computers is around £100 though you can get normal computers at a cost of £50.


Cycling computers fall into the must-haves category of accessories you would like to have for your bike. This technology benefits people who do not want additional wires around their computers for accessories.

Thus, you can avail all the features as mentioned above with no wires and in a tidier way! Also, thanks to this fantastic technology, you can track your fitness regime in a better and organized manner.

So, do not wait any longer and get a new and fantastic cycling computer today for your bike! Happy riding!