Digital marketing trends for 2021 appear to be based on two distinct but almost contradictory concepts. Humanization is the first step in creating a more intimate experience by addressing real-world concerns and creating tailored content to the individual rather than appealing to a broad audience. When optimizing your website for search engine optimization (SEO), you will want to focus on more mechanical and technical aspects, such as structuring campaigns and using keywords.

As a digital marketing expert, keep these marketing trends in mind while planning your digital marketing strategy for the new year.

1. Google SERPs “Featured Snippet”:

The “Holy Grail” of SEO has long appeared as high as possible in relevant Google searches.

Beginning from the Map Pack to the Shopping results and the featured YouTube videos, competing with sponsored content from Google, the SERPs have become vehicles for various purposes.

‘This new kid on the block’ is a “featured snippet” of the highlighted text, which Google uses to answer the user’s question without clicking on anything.

How can people understand your brand message when they don’t even have to click on anything?

For the “featured snippet,” the challenge is to provide just enough information to pique users’ curiosity and encourage them to click for more details.

2. Segmentation of the customer base:

We expect customer segmentation to reach new heights in 2021. Big tech companies such as Facebook and Google have so much data on their users that helps them understand the user deeper than a human brain could ever achieve.

Automation is making manual segmentation obsolete. An algorithm can micro-segment an audience based on 100 or so interactions.

More customer retention and engagement are, of course, key to lowering advertising costs and increasing customer lifetime value.

3. Google Ads Bidding Automation:

Since its debut in 2016, automated bidding on Google Ads has been steadily increasing in popularity.

Digital marketing experts may no longer be able to fine-tune their Google Ads manually in 2020. Automated bidding is a better digital marketer than any human.

Is this a threat to the digital marketing industry? The answer is no unless it frees them up to focus on other aspects of digital marketing, such as brand awareness, which is much more challenging to automate.

4. Social Media Shoppable Posts:

SproutSocial’s study found that 46 percent of Instagram users purchased one or more products from the sponsored posts regarding digital marketing.

We expect social media to become an increasingly important channel for eCommerce sales, with more and more integrations that allow users to complete their purchases without leaving the application.

Could social media sites be used solely by businesses to sell? It’s still up in the air. However, there’s a good chance that someone will try!

5. Search Engine Optimization for Voice Search:

SEO’s next frontier is voice search. Increasing numbers of people turn to voice-activated AI assistants on their desktops or smartphones as walkie-talkies when searching for information.

SEO experts discover that voice searches produce results different from those generated by typing in a keyword. As soon as 2021, we expect to see the beginning of a Gold Rush in the battle for organic market share in voice search SEO.

6. SEO for Image Search:

Thanks to the revolutionary image- and video-recognition AI algorithm, Google Lens, pictures, and videos are now part of search engine marketing.

It is just the beginning of Google Reverse Image Search. Google now allows users to enter images into the search engine and get a wide range of contexts.

To determine whether a plant is poisonous, they could take a picture of it and enter it into a search engine. Alternatively, they could geo-tag a friend’s Instagram photo and upload it to their own Instagram account, creating a “fear of missing out”-inducing snap.

It’s a new traffic source for digital marketers to tap into and use to promote their clients’ products. You can also hire link building services to do image SEO.

7. The Arms Race in Ad-Blockers:

Some 27 percent of Internet users are expected to use ad-blocking software by 2021, resulting in the loss of revenue for many digital marketing experts and their customers. We guess that this won’t affect everyone or every traffic stream, but we’re expecting an intense chess game to begin.

People know how arms races work. The ad blocker developers will have to improve their products and plug the holes because marketers will find ways to get around the ad blockers. New weaknesses for marketers to exploit quickly: Become a digital marketer in 2021 instead of a hacker if you enjoy thwarting security and bucking the system.

8. Narrow Paths to Purchase:

The majority of customers expect to interact with their brands holistically—buying and checking in on social media simultaneously, as well as waiting a week or more before purchasing.

2021 will see a shift from the linear customer journey to a more diffuse constellation of touchpoints that make brands ubiquitous in the customer’s daily life.

9. The Ephemeral Age:

Content on Snapchat is known as “ephemeral” because it is only available for a limited time (usually 24 hours) before it vanishes. Every day, Snapchat users post 1 million Snaps, and Instagram Stories and Facebook’s MyDay are two examples of social media platforms that have jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon.

Digital marketers will have to get more inventive in 2021 to capture consumers’ attention to transient content. Because ephemeral content can’t be reused, automating it is more complicated. With so many people looking at this type of content, it’s impossible to ignore.

10. “Values” Messaging

During 2020’s social upheaval, public awareness rises to the surface. It is no secret that consumers want to know where the companies they support stand on various issues.

Rather than attempting to please everyone, we expect companies to take a position to polarise their audience into fervent supporters. Yes, there will be some ferocious critics, and it may be safer to wear their values on their sleeves and connect with like-minded individuals when it comes to brands.

Here are 2021 digital marketing trends. By understanding them and implementing them accordingly will eventually make you a digital marketing expert.