It’s hard to accept that a bonus could be a bad thing. A “bad bonus” doesn’t really exist semantically in any language. They’re always positive things, aren’t they?

Well, maybe not always. Some online casino slots bonuses are used so that the online casinos can make it difficult for players to see the return on their initial deposit. This is because the “bonus” is so wrapped up in wagering requirements and the small-print Ts & Cs that some gamblers don’t always read.

It’s worth doing some simple research into each bonus you’re being offered, just so you’re not left annoyed and frustrated when it doesn’t turn out to be exactly what it promised. After all, the casinos are just trying to protect themselves from handing out free money to people when they sign up, scoop up the bonuses, and then leave, never depositing any money on the site.

The negative side of wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are generally thought of as being the most annoying thing about getting given a bonus. In short, when you receive the bonus, you’re subsequently required to wager a given number of times. Some wagering requirements are set at 25x or 30x. This means if you get a £100 bonus on 25x wagering requirements, then you will need to place around £2500 in bets before you can get back your original deposit.

Clearing times

Sometimes, online casinos offer very generous bonuses, but only allow very small windows for you to clear them. This can sometimes be as low as a week or a month. If you only have a week or two for clearing the bonus and you don’t play every day, then this can be a near-impossible task. Be sure you stick to casinos which give you a long grace period for clearing the bonus.

Slots games restrictions

Admittedly, this is not found in a lot of online casinos, but you may run into it at times. When you’re rewarded with a bonus, some lesser reputable casinos will advertise that you should use your bonus on certain games where you can win big. However, surprise-surprise, you then see that none of the games you wanted to play are included in the bonus credit you have.

This will force you to play games which you did not intend to play or where the winnings are small. Ensure you read the small print about which games you can play to make the most of your bonus.

LDWs (losses disguised as wins)

Another of the most dangerous character traits of some online casinos, losses disguised as wins are particularly dangerous as they lead players down the slippery slope to gambling addiction.

If the online casino can keep you thinking that you’re winning just enough, or fairly frequently, or keep giving you bonuses and free spins (all tied up in wagering requirements), you’ll think you’re on a roll.

In reality, the opposite is the case. You’re slowly but surely chipping away at your bankroll and likely spending too much time online too.

This vaguely insidious method of cleaning out players can be combatted by researching the rewards you’re being offered, studying the Ts & Cs, and simply knowing when to stop.