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Sometimes it gets harder to choose the best clothes for your child, after all getting something that matches with girls dresses is another job to look out for considering you have a baby girl. This article seeks to enlighten you on some of the best hats for children that counters with a variety of clothes. More so, for complementary purposes, these hats are of the latest trends and fashion to your liking.

Best hats that complement a baby’s outfit 

Yes, it is true that baby clothes are so expensive and this may scare you from going shopping and taking something well deserved for your baby. However, you can be able to spoil your little one with some of these affordable varieties.

1. Monica and Andy Top Knot Cap 

With this type of top knot cap, you can get a variety of themes including, cactus-themed, fruit, and food-themed. Colored hats make the baby look cute and in so many ways make the baby recognize colors much faster. These caps have a knot on top that will allow for adjustability making them capable for the child to wear long after growing.

2. Gerber baby caps 

These caps often take designs of a sheep; from printed shapes of a sheep and others coming with complete shapes of sheep ears. The overlook of this type of cap is that it is soft and can perfectly snug a baby.

3. Cloud Island baby girls hats 

As mentioned earlier, it is not easy to find hats that match girls’ dresses. However, with this category, you will be able to make a fundamental breakthrough in finding the best fit for your baby. Some of these hats come in cool colors like pink meant for a baby girl. Some of these hats come with a top knot and others come with a side bow tie knot, making it so adorable.

4. Beanie sets for both boys and girls 

These beanies are perfect for couples with huge families. Likely for a couple with children ranging ages apart. Buying a set means that the cloth will be used for a while regardless the gender. The hats come in different themes although with a mixed color of both white and black. These hats come in a set of sets.

5. Knit baby beanies 

As a parent, you may like to have some of your baby’s clothes knot from scratch and customized to the kids liking. With knitted baby beanies, you have the opportunity to write messages on the forehead part of the hat. Taking an example like “Daddy’s girl”, “I have arrived” and many more.

6. Organic Bamboo Rayon baby hats 

The skin of a newborn can be very sensitive and therefore react to clothes. This may result in skin rashes which makes the baby irritable and cry. However, organic hats are soft and do not bring allergic reactions easily. These hats come in plain solid colors good for any gender.


You may not have too much experience to say that you actually know the best cloth choice for a baby since the trends change fast over time. However, such articles offer information on the new types in the market. From the list above, you will have an easy task choosing one for your little one.