Hacks That Work Wonders And Will Help You Look Young For Many Years To Come


Hacks to look younger-Women and everyone for that matter want to look perfect at every age.

The most important thing that will help us gain that beautiful look is our skin. We have to keep it healthy if we want to look young. Personal beauticians cannot be hired by all of us here, and therefore we have brought you some good, if not better alternatives to get that younger looking skin.

The first step, however, towards a healthy skin is to avoid some mistakes that we unknowingly commit and these mistakes stand as a barrier between us and that smooth and clear skin. Recommendations from celebrity beauticians may remedy some of your problems. Let us begin, shall we?

Hacks to look younger

Drink coffee only before lunch

hacks to look younger

This may be a devastating scene for some of us coffee lovers, but it is what it is. Joanna Vargas, a Hollywood cosmetologist recommends the coffee lovers not to drink coffee after 2 p.m. Caffeine as you may already know has some adverse effects on our body, but boy is it delicious!

This loved caffeine can negatively impact the skin, and this is why you need to avoid it. If you cannot, however, give up coffee, like most people, then you may want to get in the habit of drinking coffee only before lunch. You see, your metabolism is faster in the morning and thus caffeine will be digested quickly at that time rather than in the evening. You can replace your evening coffee with juice, herbal tea or mineral water.

Change your towels every day.

hacks to look younger

Cosmetologist, Nerida Joy, who works for Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner opines that the skin not only needs care but also protection from the unwanted bacteria. Your skincare routine should also involve often changing your sheets and towels. Harmful bacteria that live on dead skin make their way to your sheets and towels, and you must not give them what they came for. These will lead you into skin inflammations.

The doctor recommends changing your towels every day; pillowcases, once every three days, that is if you have oily skin, otherwise in case of a regular or dry skin you need to change them every once a week.

Skin problems need a delicate approach.

Scratching and force are not always the right solutions for everything. Some things demand a delicate hand and skincare is one of them. According to the celebrity beautician, Christie Kidd, anyone who has a skin problem or acne should not use a scrub on the face. Products that are devoid of alcohol must be used as they are lighter than the usuals. This delicacy in handling skin problems will soon drive the redness and acne away from your skin, never to come back.

European cosmetics is the best for tightening

By tightening, I mean, the stubborn wrinkles that refuse to go away and make camp somewhere else. These wrinkles can be best removed by the European cosmetic products. Israeli products that are based on the salts from the Dead Sea work wonders for vanishing the acne. American cosmetics mainly are the best way to go about removing those wrinkles.

Pause between using different products

Cosmetologist and makeup artist Nissi McCoy is of the opinion that one product should not be followed immediately after the application of the previous one. She recommends taking a break of about five minutes while using different products.

The skin needs its own time to absorb every product properly. She recommends not to forcefully massage the products on your skin as it is better for the products to be absorbed on their own.  Take tiny breaks between some products and notice the difference.

Use eye cream as your daily cream.

L’Oreal makeup artist John Barnet recommends a replacement of the night and day creams with your eye cream. The reason behind it is that the eye cream has many nutrients that can penetrate deeper into your skin.

This product will not only remove wrinkles but also moisturise the skin and increase the blood flow. It is best, however, to consult your cosmetologist before making this replacement. Face cream can also be used to moisturise the area of your neck, hands and legs.

Go to bed earlier and earlier.

This is one of the best hacks to look younger. Sleep is the best medicine for all the body parts. Without sleep, nothing in your body will function as it should. To get a proper amount of sleep is significant.

Resting is becoming more and more important in this busy and hectic lifestyle. Cosmetologist Fredrick Brandt recommends his clients to go to bed 10 minutes earlier each day, than the day before. You should continue to do this until you feel that you had had a perfect rest.

Clear your skin in two stages

Cleansing the skin must already be a part of your skincare routine. Are you doing it right though? Are you putting the expensive products to their best use? Skin expert Ellen Marmur recommends cleaning the skin in two stages.

Firstly, you should use an oil based product which will, in turn, dissolve the sebum and remove the dirt. The second stage is reserved for a regular cleansing product. People who live in big cities or have acne or oily skin can make the best use out of this approach.

Use lavender oil to shrink pores.

The cosmetologist of Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow, Anastasia Achilleus, revealed her secret to dealing with large pores: all you need to do is have a few drops of lavender oil on a warm towel and put that towel on your face for several minutes. Do not push too hard than what is needed. If you do this regularly, several times a week, the annoying pores will shrink, and your skin will become significantly smoother.

How did you like these skincare tips? Which ones are you going to put to use? You need to take care of your skin for it to become healthy and look young. Follow these tips and notice the results. If you have some of your skincare tips, then go ahead and mention them in the comments below.