List Of 9 Things You Should Avoid Letting Other People Do To You


Don’t let people do these things to you-We all tend to blame others whenever anything goes wrong with us, either big or small. However, we often forget that no one in the world is responsible for anything that happens to us. The only person who is responsible for all the good and bad things happening in your life is YOU.

So, here are nine things which negative people might do to you, but you don’t have to let them take hold your life.

Don’t let people do these things to you

1. Getting into senseless debates with someone

don't let people do these things to you

There will be times when you are willing to prove your point to someone standing in front of you but, all they do is turn a deaf year towards you. They do not want to understand you but, you keep on explaining them in the hope that they might get you. Undoubtedly, there are thousands of people who want to drain your energy and time. So, be a smart person and, avoid getting into such arguments.

2. Remind you of your past and make you feel ashamed

There is not even a single person on this earth who hasn’t committed any mistakes. We all have made mistakes in our past. We all have failed at some point or the other in our lives. But, there will be people around you who will try to pull you down by making you remember your past mistakes again and again and, ultimately making you feel miserable about it. But, remember, never get offended with your past mistakes. They have shaped you into what you are today. Let past be your teacher.

3. Make a fool of you.

don't let people do these things to you

Millions of them just want to make a fool of you. If somebody lies to you, never explain their lie with some excuse to satisfy your self, because by doing that you are giving them another chance to lie to you. Do not remain patient and, never try to hide their lie even after you’re aware of the truth.

4. Making you believe that change is bad

Of course, there will be a lot of people who do not like to change with times and, want to remain in a nutshell. That is their way of living. But, if such people try to convince you that change is dangerous and keep on pulling you towards their way of living, then stay away from such people. It’s your life and, you should always be willing to embrace change because change is the only constant.

5. Give up on your hobbies

We all like to do something or the other in our leisure time which makes us feel happy about ourselves and, brings the much-needed smile on our face. But, again there will be people who will want you to give up on your hobbies. All you need to do is stop paying attention to them. Because, if there’s anything which makes you feel lively, then you should never leave it.

6. Makes you aim for impossible things

We are all blessed in or the other. But, there will be people who will make you feel ungrateful for all the things you don’t have and, making your life miserable. So, make sure that you are happy with what you have.

7. Convince you to venture into dangerous risks.

Everyone has a different way of living. Some might want to achieve their goals without any risk and, that’s okay. But, some people like to venture into something new and, appreciate the danger. But, do not let these people influence you in any manner.

8. Make you doubt yourself.

There will be times when you are achieving your dreams and, climbing the stairs of success, but, people will make an earnest attempt to pull you down and, become your biggest hurdle. But, you don’t have to doubt yourself and your abilities. Believe in your self.

9. Persuade you to give up on your dreams.

We all have dreams and, we aspire to achieve them. But, some people are exceptions. Such people neither have goals of their own, nor they will let you fulfil yours. But, as we know, something that is worth, won’t come easy. Once you start climbing the stairs of success, you will get to know the real struggle. There will be disapprovals, hurdles which you think you won’t be able to overcome, and many other problems. But, you don’t have to give up and, kick those people out of your lives who keep you from achieving your dreams.