Notable differences between the guy you’re dating and the guy you want to marry.


Difference between a real man and a playboy-When you’re a teenager, life seems so confusing. Not only career-wise but also relationship wise. Even in your 20s, you are confused as to who is right for you and who is not. But if you know these differences between a real man and a playboy, you can easily decide whether marrying him would be a good decision or a bad one.

These 11 points will tell you the difference between a real man and a playboy!

  1. When it comes to paying bills, he never hesitates to do so. The one who makes excuses or hesitates to pay your bills is not the one for you. This shows that they don’t care enough for you to fulfill your needs.

Difference between a real man and a playboy

2. The place where he plans to meet you is also an indicator of your future with him. If he likes to meet you only at parties or pubs, he is not the one. The person who is planning to marry you would like to meet you at peaceful places where you both can connect with each other and can know each other better.

3. If he wants to get physical with you without your consent, then dump him right away! A man who truly loves you will never want to do anything without your permission. He will get physical only if you are comfortable enough to do that.

4. The guys who only look for pleasure in you will never stick by your side. Rather find a guy who will think about your feelings before anything else.

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5. If your guy is afraid of commitment, he’s never going to marry you. The person worth marrying is the one who is never afraid to make any commitments.

6. The guy who is not willing to marry you will never talk about your future together. He will talk several other things but never how you are going to spend your lives by each other’s side in the future. On the other hand, the man who is truly serious about you will be excited to discuss his future life with you.

7. The person who is not enthusiastic about your future goals and dreams will never plan on marrying you. But, the person who wishes to marry you will always encourage and motivate you to fulfill your dreams and will be equally passionate about them.

8. The guy who is not willing to marry you will never be expressive when it comes to love. He himself will be unsure whether he loves you enough or not. On the other hand, the one who will marry you will always make you feel secure by expressing how much love he has for you.

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9. The man who doesn’t reciprocate your love for him will never be by your side. The guy who does just as much as you do for him, and even more, will be by your side until eternity.

10. The guy who never takes an interest in meeting your friends or hearing about them from you is not the one. A man who truly loves you will be happy to be a part of your friend circle.

11. If he is either afraid or not interested in meeting your parents, he’s not in love with you. The man who loves you will greet your parents warmly.

That’s all girls. Now that you know the difference between the man you’re dating and the man you’re going to marry, please don’t go wrong while making a decision. Let us know how did you like these points in the comments section