Get trendy nail art using toothpick!!


Using toothpick for nail art-Nail paints are always in fashion. Girls love to try out new and trendy nail arts, and they match their nails according to the event. When it comes to nail art, toothpicks can be your best friend. You can create nail art for any occasion using the toothpick.

Here we bring you some easy nail arts which can be created using a toothpick within just a few minutes. So, give it a try!

Using toothpick for nail art

Using toothpick for nail art

1. The cheetah print is easy to achieve!!

using toothpick for nail art

2. Steal hearts with these cute little hearts!

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3. Try this modern art using just a toothpick!!

4. The possibilities are endless!!

5. You’ll work well with some practice. It’s not that complicated after all.

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6. Running out of ideas? Try these.

7. The butterfly monarch nail art.

8. Now this one’s the best and the easiest!!

Just 3 nail paints of your choice, a toothpick and you’re good to go.

9. Pop it out.