Let Us Take A Look At The Difference Between Lemon And Lime


Difference Between Lemon And Lime-Most of us tend to confuse between lemons and limes. These two fruits are very similar in appearance, taste, and shape. When the fact comes to their nutrition and application, these fruits are very different. These both fruits belong to the same kingdom of the plants, i.e., citrus. However, these are not the same species. We call lemons “Citrus lemon” and lime “Citrus aurantifolia.”

Difference Between Lemon And Lime

Let Us Take A Look At The Difference Between Lemon And Lime

When it comes to the size, lemons are generally larger than limes, and they possess a sour taste. Limes are usually smaller in size, and they own both sweet and sour taste according to the type of limes. Limes are generally round in shape whereas lemons are oval. Limes may be yellow or green both whereas lemons are bright yellow. The colour of the limes depends upon the variety of it that you are inspecting.

As these fruits belong to the citrus genes of the kingdom of the plants, these both fruits are excellent sources of Vitamin-C. A lime will contain almost 30 mg of Vitamin-C on an average whereas a lemon can contain 50 mg of Vitamin-C on an average. The lemons and limes are the excellent food to take in to boost up the immunity system; We can also consume these both to avoid cardiovascular diseases, prenatal health problems, eye diseases as well as skin wrinkling. According to doctors, Vitamin-C is the safest Vitamin to consume. You are bound to stay healthy and fit if your body possesses a high level of Vitamin-C.

There is one another way according to which lemons are different from limes is that the lemons contain potassium and folate whereas limes contain Vitamin-A. Limes are best to improve your vision, strengthen your bones, and improve your health of the skin. So to get these benefits, you should increase the consumption of limes in your diet. Whereas lemons help in enhancing your body synthesis and reduce the chances of heart and kidney disorder, repair of DNA, and improves your muscles strength and water balance. So to get these benefits, you should increase the consumption of lemons in your diet.

These fruits are acidic, but they are alkaline in our body. It is because the remnants of the lemon or lime have an alkaline ph, once our bodies metabolize the citric acid. Limonoids are present in both lemons and limes which are extremely useful in fighting with carcinogens. If you consume more foods that contain carcinogens like salted fish, processed meat then you can reduce the side effects of such foods by intake of lemon or lime in your diet.

Lemons and limes are also an excellent source of antioxidants in addition to these benefits. These release free radicals when we consume them during the digestion and metabolic processes that can cause serious harm. Such harms can take the place of chronic diseases if we do not deal with them at the time. Our body naturally produces both radicals and antioxidants to help with their adverse effects.

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The number of antioxidants produces in our body from the various foods get it to neutralize with the number of radicals. It is the reason that why we consume lemons to counteract the effect of other radicals.

Moreover, finally, we can say that these both foods are great for detoxifying our bodies that reduce the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. Certain toxins in our body are not removed during the digestion process, and that need the aid of such food sources like lemons and limes that they can remove efficiently. These toxins can lead to inflation and several health problems if these do not get dispose of from your body.

Now let us have a look at the various ways to intake these foods in our diet. The best way is to include lemon in fish recipes whereas you should include lime as an ingredient in drinks and desserts. You can also add lime in a fresh lime soda or ginger lime tea.

Lemons and limes both are equally important for our body as mentioned above with benefits. You must start taking more of these fruits in your diet to get their benefits.