Here’s Why You Should Not Use The Hand-Dryers in Public Washrooms!


Reason why you should never use hand-dryers in public washroom? It is a pleasure to put your hands under the hand dryer, and you do not need to do rest of the things. Your hands will automatically get dry out under this machine. It looks a better machine to use to get your hands dry out, and the persons need not carry the hand towels with them in the washrooms. It is the convenient invention in these modern days and very easy to dry out our hands without using hand towels.

Here is ehy you should never use hand-dryers in public washroom

Reason you should never use hand-dryers in public washroom

In fact, some people think that there is one another thing which is better than paper towels to dry out your hands. People mean to say about the hand dryers. Then let me tell you the thing which you consider to be the best is the worst thing to spread the germs. I will tell you about all this in this article.

The hand dryers are not hygienic. They spread most of the germs in the washrooms. They are the sign of danger when it comes to the public toilets.

The hand dryers spread the germs 1300 times as compared to the paper towels in the restrooms, according to the study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology.

The various studies reveal that the most of the germs get collected in the warm air or the jet dryer instead of the tissues or paper towels. So these are the worst things in the public washrooms.

According to the various studies, the hand dryers are the dirtiest things in the washrooms. The hand dryers are the only thing that spread the germs all over the washroom. You can also get into the contact of bacteria if you stand close to the person who is using the hand dryer.

You can easily spare yourself from the germs, so there is no need to get panic. Here we have listed down the healthy tips that you need to make your habit while using the public washrooms that will keep you away from the germs.

1. Always use the backside of your hand

You have to make sure that you push or pull the door of the washrooms with the backside of your hand instead of using your palm to enter or exit the washrooms. It will not allow bacteria to get in contact with your palms.


2. Carry wet wipes with you

Many kinds of people may use the toilet seats, and the seats may not be adequately clean. So always carry wet wipes with you and before sitting to the toilet seat, use the wet wipes to sanitise the seat. You may even use tissue rolls t sanitise the seat if you don’t carry wet wipes with you.

3. Use toilet seat covers

There is a plastic pack at the corner of the toilet seats which you always ignore to use it. This pack is of the seat covers which you should always use to avoid the contact of the germs with your body. If there are no packs, then place the tissue paper on the toilet seat to avoid the direct contact of your body with the toilet seats.

4. Flush safely

You should never use your open hands to pull the trigger of the toilet or flush out. All kind of germs are present in the washrooms, and when you flush out or pull the trigger, there are high chances to get into the contact with bacteria. It is the first thing you touch in the washrooms after cleaning yourself. So always take a piece of tissue in your hands to flush or to pull the toilet trigger.

5. Follow proper hand wash routine

Always use warm water and soap to wash your hands before coming out of the washroom. Afer washing your hands, use the paper towel or backside of your hands to close the tap. Don’t use the hand dryer to dry out your hands. Use the tissue or wipes to dry your hands. And at last, sanitise your hands. Sometimes sanitizers are not there in the washrooms so you must carry a small tube sanitizer with you where ever you go.

With these techniques and ideas, you can germs free. If you follow these habits and will not use the hand dryer, you will be safe from the ill-effects of germs.