Different Types Of Relationships And Check Which One Is Yours



In the rebound relationship, you will engage with the right things with your partner after the breakup. You miss your loved one and are incredibly heartbroken. And hence to overcome your loneliness you go for another man in your life. But you feel bounds of your ex-relationship and are not ready to enter the next stage of your life. Therefore the relationship becomes fragile to continue. And thus you will concentrate on the healing process rather than going for another person.

Independent relationship

In this, you both the partners will have the separate goals for your career and the social life. There are no such rules and regulations to follow by the partners. They are independent to do whatever they want. You feel like you are still free to move and no bounds like others have to face while being committed. You will not have to give priority to the relationship. But that does not mean that you do not want to be in connection. It is just that you want to focus on your goals before coming into serious relationships.

Codependent relationship

In codependent both the partners first think for their lovers that how would he spend days without you. It is like an addiction to each other. You both know how essential you are for each other. But if you start to exaggerate, then you will never be successful and back to the standard and healthy relationship.