Some Signs That Will Help The Wedding Last Longer


Successful marriage-The relationship between the couple will last longer according to the perfect matching of their views. They can both together run the gamut. Let us explain with the example of a couple of the two professors at Emory University in 2014. Both the partners thought that the cheaper wedding is a very successful marriage.

Secrets to a successful marriage

Secrets to a successful marriage

If we see the others with a luxurious wedding lifestyle are facing the problem of higher divorce rates no matter if the parents are having a small daughter and even if there is the length of someone commute. But all these things sound little absurd, but all these things can leave you to wonder about your family. Well, it is true that successful marriage also depends upon the number of factors including the place where you live and the length of the commute. These factors tell if the couples will last longer or not.

The licensed Wedding Officiant and the Wedding Celebrant, Christopher Shelley of Illuminating Ceremonies who is also the author of the forthcoming book, Best. Ceremony. Ever., says that “Couples who are getting married out of joy will be fine. Couples marrying under a cloud of fear, doubt, and concern for outside opinions face a windy, rainy, rocky, uphill-both-ways battle.”

Shelley knows the way and many factors for the lasting longer of the couple. He said that “it is pretty much anywhere people will pay him to go.”

The couple can laugh together and enjoy their life, but it is not necessary.

People often say that the people who laugh together stay together happily. But it is not the right thing to say. Think if you cannot laugh along with your partner and also sees his light side then that means it is a hard time to get your life together with him. There are many reasons for laughing because the experience is not smooth and they cannot cry at every moment to forget their pain.

Shelley explains that “Life is hard, but when people have a broad enough life vision to put their issues in perspective and laugh about them — they have got the secret for a happy marriage. When the couples have to force themselves to be serious with their partners and ask serious questions to them, I am very happy for both of them, because they know the best way to go through their life: not taking things very seriously.”

Both the partners should have an equal voice in their relationship.

Equal partnership is not enough for a healthy relationship, and so you must have equality in the voice to speak something.

Shelley explains that “When each half of the couple can speak up and express their thoughts without constantly deferring to the other, I know they’ll be fine. If the couple gets terrified then they will offend each other, chances are the couple has some growing up to do before they should plan to get married. How can I believe their ‘I do’ if they don’t have a voice?”

There must be equal participation from both the partners in the wedding process.


Every being have equal rights to extend their wedding plans. A wedding means the agreement of both people and saying “I do” and ready to spend the rest of their life together. You cannot test your relationship if your partner is taking all the decisions and not even bothering your requirements. There must not be any forcefulness.


Shelley says, “When the couple are both involved in the wedding-planning process, it feels as if they are heading in the same direction to live the successful life. Weddings are hugely important in the life transitions, and the couples should go through the entire hazing ritual together, side-by-side, hand-in-hand, one leg each tied together like at that a county fair. When one seems to be doing all the decisions making the process, then I can only suppose that they hope the other will catch up later. It does not work like that. The wedding is more like the carpool than the drag race.”

The couple will share the passion with each other.

Regarding the experience of sharing the passion, Shelley says, “Couples who share a passion are surfing the same great wave. Whether they are both the writers or art enthusiasts or the stamp collectors or we can say that they are dancers or the kind of people who think about what generous things that they can do for others. These all things proves that they have a fire within them, such that they can freely put their whole spirit into something other than themselves, which is what you have to do in the marriage life.”