DIY vs Professional, which to choose?

DIY vs Professional Beauty Treatment-Well, there are some grooming tips and tricks that you can efficiently manage at the comfort of your home. But, instead, you choose to visit a salon. On the other hand, some very essential needs have to be taken care of only by professionals, which you, unfortunately, carry out by yourself and face the adverse consequences later on. So, make yourself very clear on what to follow as a DIY technique and what to leave to the expert team.

Here are some of the beauty treatments which you meddle up. Take a clear cut picture of the apt time to head onto a specialist and look out for possibilities where you can save your money.

#1 Painting your hair right


DIY vs Professional Beauty Treatment

You look quite pretty with your natural hair colours. But, if you still wish to try something new and make it a different shade, then trip around your salon. A professional touch is a must for first-time hair colouring. You can select among the full range of available colours that suits you well according to your hairstyle. Your stylist will thereby apply the correct developer and tune the time to fashion from dark to light hues or vice versa. On the same note, you can mess up your hair more by doing it yourself.

#2 DIY facial

DIY facial

The kind of facial you can do by yourself is something to be stressed upon. Your bathroom strategy can be applied when you only have to exfoliate your skin gently. You can carry it out weekly using a homemade scrub. Even before the salons came into being, these DIY procedures were followed. A smooth coffee scrub or a paste of turmeric with milk cream or a tomato scrub can work magic for you. Make sure that you don’t irritate your skin using harsh scrubs.

#3 Medical facial

medical facial

When your skin yearns for special treatment, don’t delay urgent medical facial on it. Your unending acne, rosacea and eczema require expert care from a dermatologist. Never get satisfied with your home remedies or typical salon day in cases such as these. They can unluckily trigger flare-ups by irritating your skin.

#4 Exfoliate cosmetically yet professionally

DIY vs Professional Beauty Treatment

Here comes something that you can very well practice at home, but still need a specialist. Confused? The talk is about microdermabrasion. Although the tools to remove your dead skin cells using a diamond tip or other crystals is widely available commercially, yet only the professional team can handle the device carefully. Therefore, it is better not to injure your skin through DIY with this non-invasive method.

#5 Tinting brows

DIY vs Professional Beauty Treatment

It is advisable that you do not apply the chemical tints on your eyelashes and eyebrows by yourself. You might have come across such DIY kits. However, it could turn up drastic if not applied with utmost care near your eyeballs. So, better weight on professional healing in this area. In your prestigious parlor, you will undergo a patch test, moisturize the spot thoroughly, and give time to the dye to dry.

#6 Eyebrow trimming

DIY vs Professional Beauty Treatment

Shaping your brows isn’t much of a burden. Howbeit, there are chances that you can go wrong if you do it on your own. Taking the help of an experienced person can give you the best possible shape, viewed in wider angles and cut down your time as well. A closer view of the eyebrows can leave a perfect fashion of brows on your forehead. Thus, professional care is recommended in trimming your brows.

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#7 Pimple extraction

DIY vs Professional Beauty Treatment

You might have witnessed your pimples popping up out of nowhere in your chubby face. It could be due to improper diet or health issues. Before you burst them out of anger, remember that you have to carry its mark thereon. Hence, it would be worthwhile if you approach a professional team to extract out your pimple gently without leaving any blemishes or traces of it. A sterile extensive angle treatment is possible at the hands of beauty experts.

#8 Glow your gnashers

DIY vs Professional Beauty Treatment

When you can make your teeth look whiter as snow by indulging in the right foods, then it would be quite foolish of you to waste your time and money with the professionals. Firstly, you can cut down on your expenses. And secondly, you need to meet your dentist only when you have extra sensitive gums. Fruits and vegetables such as apples, broccoli, carrots, celery, oranges, and strawberries can give you glistening teeth for your cheesy smile.

#9 Nail care

DIY vs Professional Beauty Treatment

Most of you might fancy going to the beauty salon and spa for your manicure, pedicure, and other treatments.  Nonetheless, this is something that you can easily carry out at home. Just learn the right techniques to do them, use the kits, look up for tutorials over the net, and cut down on your budget tremendously. The parlor remedy might be useful when you are running short of time or are gearing up for your wedding event.

#10 Shave it off

Now, you might have realized that you can wax your underarms, upper lips and legs all by yourself using the cremes and tools. Aestheticians themselves acknowledge that you need not bother them with your waxing as you can perform them yourself. A few points that you should remember is to exfoliate your skin gently two days before waxing. And, also avoid your strenuous workout after waxing since sweating hard can irritate you further.

Along with the rapid growth of the beauty industry, many new DIY treatment methods are also scaling high. The time of the hour is to understand when to consult your specialist and when to master the art yourself and save your pockets. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which one is worth it!