As the demand (and popularity) of CBD (cannabidiol) grows, the compound is showing up in different products. The idea is to accommodate users in more convenient, albeit beneficial ways.

Take your morning cup of coffee as an example. Ground beans infused with CBD are finding their way to coffee lovers everywhere. View here for reasons the products are selling quickly on the market.

The initial thought concerning the combination is, it doesn’t entirely make sense. Most would imagine caffeine and CBD kind of eradicating the other’s benefits. Caffeine has a reputation as a stimulant, and cannabidiol boasts of relaxing or calming. So wouldn’t a blend of these contradictory substances be merely generic?

Caffeine And Cannabidiol Working Together As A Team

When working in unison on the same team, caffeine and cannabidiol would seemingly cancel each other’s most dominant characteristics. Cannabidiol is a relaxant, while caffeine falls in the nootropic category or a stimulant, more specifically defined as a “cognitive enhancement.”

The adenosine receptors regulate the body’s sleep cycle and affect your fatigue response. Caffeine consumed in adequate quantities has the capacity to block these receptors, creating feelings of alertness and energy. The problem is that there can be adverse reactions due to the cortisol or stress hormones increasing with excessive consumption.

Cannabidiol or CBD reduces stress and produces more sedating qualities, while also boasting anti-epileptic and anti-inflammatory properties. In excessive quantities, users can experience drowsiness and fatigue due to the interaction with adenosine.

In combination, cannabidiol and caffeine work together to level the other’s extremes out. The way the two are blended determines the outcome for the user. You don’t want to have a mixture where the two compounds entirely neutralize each other.

Is CBD Coffee Effective?

A few different factors go into whether CBD coffee will be an advantage for you. Cannabidiol has the potential to lessen the effects of caffeine neurologically speaking. If you view it on the other side of the coin, caffeine has the potential for undermining CBD potency, in turn, decreasing the benefit. Heat degrades the strength of cannabidiol.

In saying that, the question that comes to mind is, do the two, in fact, act as a balance for each other or more of a deterrent to the positives of the substances? Genuinely the outcome is dependent on the person’s sensitivity when consuming the compounds and the doses for each. Safe CBD use is ultimately the priority.

It boils down to basically trial-and-error experimentation for each person in the quantity of coffee you habitually indulge in and the level of CBD plus the delivery method. If the CBD dose is not potent enough to produce a reaction, you might need to increase the amount to overriding what the heat hinders.

At this point, you won’t find a universal methodology or a regulated dose for individuals. Experimenting is the course of action to find an adequate reaction for you.

What Do People Experience With CBD Coffee?

As a rule, depending on the quantity in which you consume, caffeine has a tendency to leave people in a manic state, feeling agitated and overstimulated. Most people don’t stop at only one cup of coffee in the morning. Generally speaking, it takes a few to officially “wake up,” depending on the person.

The effects most people want are exuberant energy, feeling alert, and being ready for the day with fatigue eliminated. Unfortunately, to get to this level, adverse effects, including jitters, come with it.

Anecdotally, users indicate the CBD-infused grounds produce a lessened state of alertness with more concentrated energy, minus the mania and jittery agitation of a straight cup of coffee (or three). But is this enough of a kick for coffee-obsessed people?

Dosing CBD Coffee

Each drug independently has its own set of positives and negatives for the human body. The outcome of the two substances consumed together notes as unpredictable, with many factors needing consideration. These include fitness level, habits for coffee intake, and sensitivities for each compound.

The mood can easily swing in a wide range of directions, with the dosage of each of the substances playing a primary role in the reaction, such as the amount of coffee you drink on the regular, plus the dosage of CBD that you ingest.

The suggestion from experts is always to begin with a small dosage of CBD. For coffee lovers, the recommendation is 10 mg for an average cup of brew. The problem with a smaller CBD dose, and its ability to reduce caffeine’s adverse effects, is people feel they can overindulge their coffee intake. It’s especially true of coffee fanatics looking for that kick-start.

Because you don’t have an adverse reaction, you believe you can handle higher levels of caffeine, more cups of coffee, so you indulge more than usual, ultimately inducing the typical ill effects that CBD is supposed to be controlling. It kind of defeats some of the purpose of the products.

Products Available In The CBD Coffee Line

Cannabidiol is advancing with the level of products available on the market. Coffee is one of those experimental options where two complex compounds blend in an effort to eradicate the adverse effects of each to produce a single healthful reaction.

You can find products with infused beans; check Some options allow water-soluble cannabidiol to dissolve into your hot coffee. It’s essential to remember, with different products, there will be a different outcomes.

Experts always advise starting at a small level. A further recommendation is to try each delivery method to test your reaction and experiment with your dosage with adequate time allowed before elevating the level. You don’t want to do anything, however, without the guidance of your medical provider.

Regardless of which option you choose and how you proceed, your goal in consuming CBD coffee should not be to have a similar reaction as you would with a standard cup of brew. Cannabidiol takes the adverse effects of mania and jitters out of the equation.

If you overindulge to accomplish those effects, you’ll also be taking too much CBD, meaning it won’t work for you. If you want overly stimulated, you should stick with coffee in its natural state and take CBD on the side.