Easy make up hacks which are a life saver!!


Makeup adds to the beauty of women. Though it enhances the beauty of women, only a few women have mastered the art of applying makeup. Doing makeup is not only time consuming, but also extremely technical. It also requires special instruments which some women might not even be aware of. But, here we are to make your life easier. You can easily replace those complicated tools and use the day-to-day things instead.


Use a spoon to master winged eyeliner.

Almost every woman finds it difficult to master the art of applying winged eyeliner. While one of your eyes is correctly done, the other one turns out to be a mess.! The most challenging part is making a perfect arch. But it will not be that difficult if you know how to use a spoon to do that.

Things Required:

  • Spoon
  • Pencil eyeliner


#1 Use the handle of the spoon to draw the perfect straight line.

  • Use the handle of a spoon to draw a perfect wing as shown in the picture. This will give you just the perfect straight line.
  • Start by drawing a light line along the handle of the spoon. Then, remove the spoon and go on making the line darker.

#2 Draw another line by placing the spoon over your eyelid.

  • Now it’s time for you to draw another line. Place the spoon over your eyelid and start making a line from the middle of your eyelid and work your way towards the outer end.
  • After doing this with a pencil eyeliner, use a gel eyeliner for a darker and much-defined finish.
  • Repeat this with the other eye.


Use a spoon to curl your lashes!!

Do you love long thick and curled up eyelashes but don’t have an eyelash curler? Don’t worry. You can use the semi-oval part of the spoon to curl your lashes. Follow these steps:

Easy steps to get the perfect lashes.

  • Place the spoon over your eyelid, with the outer part of the spoon covering your eyelid.
  • Using your fingers, gently press the lashes towards the inner part of the spoon.
  • Keep your lashes in that position and rotate the spoon in an outward direction.

The correct way to apply lipstick.

#1 Start by drawing a cross below your cupid’s bow.

#2 Then, outline your lips using a lip liner

#3 Fill in your lips.