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At CasinoChan, you don’t have to follow any ethical rules. You can do whatever you want – no one will see you anyway. It’s a different matter if you’re going to play roulette in a real casino. You will have to look appropriate, control your behavior, and follow a few simple rules.

Don’t forget that a casino is a public place where many people are present at the same time. You should not push, shout or talk in a high-pitched tone. Be polite to the people around you, and if you accidentally bump someone or hurt them badly, be sure to apologize. Remember, you are not in your own home, so be respectful of other visitors.

Don’t Be Late

When you come to the gaming table, pay attention to the time given to players for betting, after the next stop of the wheel. On average, it is about two or three minutes. Do your best to put your money in during this period, and try not to hold up the croupier and the other players!

Forget About Emotions

Remember, when playing roulette, you can win, but you might as well lose. You should not show your emotions. Don’t vent your anger by shouting foul language, and don’t show your joy if you manage to win. Remember, there are other players at the table in addition to you. And your joy at the moment of someone else’s loss may seem insulting.

Listen to the Dealer

Always obey the croupier, it is a basic rule of etiquette! If he says there are no more bets, you are not allowed to change anything in your own bets. But if you do want to change something, let the dealer know. He may meet you halfway, or he may ignore your wish. In any case, engaging in a verbal skirmish with him and trying to impose your own rules is prohibited! Otherwise you run the risk of being outside the walls of the casino. Remember, any word of the dealer is the law.

Don’t Touch Chips

Do not touch the chips in the interval between casting the ball and receiving a payout. Remember, this may be considered an attempt to cheat, and you may be fined for cheating and added to the establishment’s black list. If you can’t reach the desired spot to place your own chip, ask the croupier to do so. And try not to touch other players’ chips.

Don’t Forget About the Tips

And one last tip – if you win a large sum of money, leave at least a little tip for the dealer. This rule has become a kind of tradition. By the way, many players leave a tip, regardless of the outcome of the game. But this is usually done either by high rollers or regular casino customers. No one would expect a tip from ordinary visitors who played low stakes. But you will show your appreciation for the game by tipping, regardless of the sum you give.