How to fight against the acne with the Epsom salt


Epsom salt for acne uses and benefits-Acne gives a lot of pain. It is like it is a stage in our video game when we have to fight with the dragon. Acne becomes more painful when they are same just before the parties and events.

We know that we are unable to think properly when we see this kind of situation but the point is that we should not be like this. We should go for the solutions and apply them to root out these acne problems.

It is said that every person has to suffer from this problem because acne is seen due to hormonal changes also. Yes, we agree because what we can do in medical terms but why do hormonal changes occur when we are about to go to the parties and events? 

Maybe you are also thinking like this but why are you wasting time in such kind of things? If you are having the acne problem, you should not think so loud but all you need is a better solution so what are we waiting for? Let’s give you what you exactly want.

In this article, we will tell you about the best solution which will fight against the acne. Can you think that you can get the solution from the Epsom salt? If not then come with us because we are going to tell you the best methods to root out your acne problem with the Epsom salt.

Epsom salt for acne uses and benefits

  • First method

Epsom salt for acne uses and benefits

The very first method which you can use to fight against acne is that you have to take Epsom salt and baking soda together.

Take the equal quantity of these ingredients in a particular ratio. Now add some water to the mixture.

Apply this mixture to your that skin where you have the acne. 

Leave it to dry. Once it dries, wash with the normal water.

You can keep repeating this therapy twice in a week. We recommend you to go for this recipe only if you are comfortable with the Epsom salt and baking soda. 

If your skin is too much sensitive, try something else. You can also consult a doctor if you have too much sensitive skin.

  • Second method

If you do not want to apply the first solution you can go to this second solution. All you need is the Epsom salt and lemon juice.

Take Epsom salt and lemon juice together in a particular ratio and mix them properly. 

After mixing them properly, apply this mixture to the place of your skin where you have acne. 

Leave it until it gets dry. After that, you can wash with the normal water. In the end, do not forget to apply moisturiser because this solution can make your skin a little bit dry.

You can apply this solution twice in a week.

Lemon allows your skin pores to be opened. Once your skin pores are open, the dirty material or the harmful oily stuff living inside the skin comes out of the skin. Thus you can get rid of acne.

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  • Third method 

I guess you guys would like this solution more than the previous. In the solution, you have to mix Epsom salt with honey.

Honey can help you your skin to secret out the harmful materials which are living inside the skin, and they’re unable to come out of the skin because the skin pores are closed. Up to some extent, we can say that honey allows your skin pores to be opened.

So all you need to do is that you have to take Epsom salt and honey together in an equal ratio.

Now mix these two ingredients properly. After mixing them, apply this mixture to your skin where you have acne.

Leave this mixture on your skin for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it with the normal water.

At the end apply moisturiser to your skin so that your skin can be escaped from the itching and dryness.

  • Fourth method 

This method is all about the solution against acne with the tea tree oil.

Take a cup of water and put this on the heat to boil. Add Epsom salt and tea tree oil in this water. 

Mix them properly and apply this mixture to your skin where you have acne. 

Make sure that you are applying the mixture when the water becomes cold. You can have this remedy 2 to 4 times in a day to have the better effects. 

  • Fifth method.

This remedy is seen to be most favourite remedies of the people because you are going to fight against acne with the help of coconut oil and Epsom salt.

So all you need to do is that melt coconut oil. When the coconut oil becomes a liquid, add Epsom salt to this. 

Mix these two ingredients and make sure that the particles of Epsom salt are dissolves totally in the coconut oil.

As the coconut oil is melted down on the heat so let it be cool after mixing the Epsom salt in that. Now massage this remedy for five minutes on your skin where you have acne and leave it dry.

This remedy will work for you in the best manner if you do this twice or thrice in a week.