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The world of esports is only continuing to grow, new games that have entered the market such as Valorant have become incredibly successful as this Valorant review would suggest and has developed a huge fandom with a growing betting scene too, but there are certainly some genres that won’t be of interest for everyone and alternatives may need to be found, fortunately, there are a huge number of games in the esports market for all interests, and there are a growing number of titles that you should certainly give a go if you haven’t explored them yet. Finding your genre is especially important for those aiming to become an esports pro.

Rocket League – The indie hit that emerged back in 2015 has gone through a number of different changes, right through to the big recent change to allow a free-to-play model for players. One of the more important factors of this game is that it has helped somewhat bridge the game – it has all of the high-octane excitement of esports titles with rocket cars flying through the sky whilst also combining something more familiar with football being blend into the game too. Whilst it’s still not as big as some of the other titles that have grown in recent years, it does have a huge potential for success with the developers willing to put a lot of bankroll behind the bigger tournaments too, something other games miss out on.

Street Fighter, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat – Fighting games have long been a part of gaming history and are something many of us played as youngsters whether on the arcade machines or on consoles too. In a similar vein to Rocket League, the fighting games have remained quite small but are finding growing interest as many others make their shift across to the world of esports, and with the gaming developers willing to put up a little extra in prize money too it’s bringing across more players. The biggest successes have come from variety streaming events that promote these smaller esports titles, and the recent ATT event has certainly helped introduce many more fans to the genre.

The big four – It wouldn’t be worth noting this list without having the big four titles of Counter-Strike, Valorant, League of Legends, and DotA2 as well. If you’re into esports at all, chances are you’re already watching one if not more of these, and they’re the most popular for a reason and seem to be only continuing to grow. The big interest now will be whether or not games like Counter-Strike can survive with how quickly Valorant is growing, but that’s a different matter entirely.

It’s certainly worth investing some time into the esports space given many feel it’s the future of sporting as a whole, and with free-to-play options, there are plenty of opportunities to explore these big titles in esports too, and plenty more opportunities to see the excitement and benefits of the growing esports and online gaming space.