The biggest stars in the world of American horse racing are born in the Triple Crown events that the season focuses on every season.

These races have the most eyes on them, with the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, and Preakness Stakes attracting the highest viewing figures every season.

The significance of these races can’t be underplayed, as they are the ones that stay forever in the minds of racing fans. However, above all else, these races are the most popular to bet on every season.

Still, which betting markets and trends should gamblers be aware of before placing their money on any of the races?

Most Popular Horse Racing Betting Markets

Horse racing betting is popular throughout the season, but the Triple Crown races are by far the most popular times of the season that wagers are made. Below you can find out more about the betting markets that are available for the biggest races of the season.

To Win

The most popular way to bet on all the Triple Crown events is to stake money on the horse that you think will win the race. You will only get your returns from this wager should the selection that you have picked cross the line first.

For example, if you bet on Essential Quality to win the Kentucky Derby and he does, then you will get the returns. However, if he finished second or third, then the returns will not be awarded to your account.

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To Place

Place betting is also an extremely prominent way to bet on the Triple Crown events. Due to the quality involved in the race, there is always a chance that your selection will not be first past the post.

Therefore, the place market can be utilised, as you can make a bet on a horse that will finish in a place position. For the most part, sportsbooks will offer three places on the three huge races.

So, you will get returns on selections in this market should the horse that you have staked your money on comes in the first three.

Exacta Betting

The most difficult betting market that you can wager on is the Exacta. Here, instead of just predicting the horse that will win the race, you must also correctly put your stake on the horse that finishes in second too. Both parts of the bet have to be correct in order for the returns to be achieved.

There is the added insurance of the Reverse Exacta, which will mean returns should both of your selections finish in the top two regardless of the order that they finish in.

Tips For Triple Crown Betting

Before making a wager on the Triple Crown races throughout the season, there are tips that gamblers must follow in order to stand the best chance of claiming a win. These are three tips that you must follow.

Research Form

It goes without saying that the form of the horses involved is the most important information that should be researched before making a bet. Horses with solid form behind them in Graded races will stand a better chance of winning the Triple Crown races than those without a win under their belts.

Trainer/Jockey Form

Certain trainers and jockeys have outstanding records in the Triple Crown events, and that is important information that gamblers should be aware of before making a bet.

For example, Bob Baffert has achieved more wins than any other trainer in the Kentucky Derby, so his horses will always be found towards the top of the betting.

Triple Crown Winners

After the Kentucky Derby, some gamblers would be tempted to bet on the winner of the opening Triple Crown race to win both the Belmont Stakes and Preakness Stakes as well.

Nonetheless, horses to achieve success in all races are a rarity. Only 13 horses have achieved wins in all three races, with the most recent star to achieve this feat being Justify in 2018.