trans live cams - Everything You Need to Know About Analingus: Do Transgenders Need Oral Sex More Than Cisgenders?

Despite its increasingly widespread popularity, analingus (also known as rimming) is still considered a taboo subject. Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to your mind during your love making experience, it may be a really enjoyable and safe activity to include in your foreplay.

So, what is rimming, exactly? What can you do to make the most of it? And, in comparison to other forms of oral sex, is analingus safer or less so? Do transgenders need oral sex more than cisgenders? What about trans live cam? Can trans live cam models perform analingus? In this article, we’ll answer all of these questions. Let’s get started.

What exactly is analingus?

Let’s start with the basics: what is analingus? Analingus, also known as rimming, is when you use your mouth or tongue to stimulate your partner’s anus. Because the anus has a lot of nerve endings, it can produce a strong sensation when rubbed by anything smooth and tactile, like a partner’s tongue or lips.

A rim job, unlike conventional oral sex, is primarily about adding further levels of pleasure to the sexual encounter rather than attempting to achieve orgasm directly. You may find that normal oral can make your spouse orgasm, but analingus is an entirely different story.

Instead, consider rimming as an additional component of your foreplay. Try stimulating your partner’s genitals with your free hand while giving them some great analingus. This should significantly improve their experience.

What does analingus feel like?

The anus is densely packed with nerve endings. The easiest way to convey the sensation of receiving anilingus is to compare it to being stimulated in another erogenous zone. However, because analingus is a prohibited act, you can find it especially enjoyable.

Don’t worry, giving your partner some loving analingus won’t taste like you think. Based on what the anus is used for on a daily basis, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s uncomfortable, but that’s just not the case. You’ll only get a taste of your partner’s skin if your partner washes the region well before you start.

However, if you truly want to try anal rimming but are concerned about the taste, or if your partner wants to try giving you some analingus, and you are feeling self-conscious, a fantastic workaround is to use flavored lube with your rimming or have trans live cam models carry it out in front of you as a practice. Trans live cam models can perform analingus on each other to help you ease into the act when you eventually decide to give it a go with your partner. However, you might need to pay a little more as you’ll be needing two trans live cam models instead of one.

How safe is analingus?

Unfortunately, moving away from the vaginal or penis area does not provide any further protection against STIs. You can get a variety of STIs with analingus, just like you can get them from usual oral.

If you’re concerned about your safety, there are a variety of products available that can be used for vaginal or anal oral protection. To prevent direct contact, these products usually include a barrier or ‘dam.’

How do you give an analingus?

Giving your spouse a rim job isn’t all that different from regular oral sex. Begin by requesting a thorough cleaning of their entire downstairs area from a hygiene standpoint. Apart from that, just tell them to relax and enjoy the ride. If you’re into trans live cam, you find it less difficult to ease in.

There are a lot of wonderful positions to try out for some anal oral, but keep in mind that the anus is anatomically much lower or further back than the penis or vagina. With this in mind, some of your standard oral sex positions you see in trans live cam might not work or require some adaptation.

Do Transgenders Need Oral Sex More Than Cisgenders?

Obviously, there isn’t any data on if transgenders need more oral sex more than cisgenders. However, transgenders, like cisgenders, have a wide range of preferences when it comes to the forms of sexual closeness they like. Some people prefer anal, while others do not. Some people enjoy vaginal intercourse, while others do not. Some trans don’t want oral, while others do. Some trans aren’t very interested in sex, while others are.

People, trans or not, are humans. There are millions of us around the world, and our sexual preferences are as diverse as our personalities.