The Expectations Versus Reality Of Being The Bridesmaid


Expectations Versus Reality Of Being The Bridesmaid-Well, it is the most beautiful moment in the life of girls when they are soon to be a bride. They want everything to be perfect in their life when the time is for their marriage ceremony. It is the time when they move to be the most beautiful on that day such that others keep on watching them. They cannot resist themselves to avoid staring at the bride in such cases. What does more a girl need in her life? The girl always wants to look beautiful and perfect so that others keep on looking at them all the time or maybe they want to become the most beautiful lady in the world.

Expectations Versus Reality Of Being The Bridesmaid

Expectations Versus Reality Of Being The Bridesmaid

The bridesmaid always expects a little more than they still want. But we are fully aware of the fact that the expectations always hurt. We should make sure to use the things according to our lifestyle, and if we will expect more and it does not happen, then it will result in being bad for us.

With you, we are here to share some views of expectations versus reality of being the bridesmaid that the bridesmaid always feels after the ending of the marriage ceremony.

Well, many think that not being a bride is the best way to be safe. But the reality is we agree with the fact taht not to be picked up as the bridesmaid is excellent. It is true until your partner comes and takes so long to ask you, and then you begin to doubt your thoughts. We start to think that “Will I even be invited?” or “Did all those times she told me drunk in the club toilets that I’d be her bridesmaid mean nothing?!”

The bridesmaid always expects that you will be chilling throughout your lifetime if the bride will ask you that if it has been a dead cert for your whole adolescent life. And if in reality she eventually asks you about that then your tears are being out, and hence they will not stop falling. The fact is, “This is going to be the best experience of our whole life.”

No one is going to be upset with it until they have been not picked. It is a hard choice to make out, and you feel that they will understand the bridesmaid. But again the expectations will hurt you. You will get a text from them like “I am sure it is just the talk of money thing babes, she will make sure you say reading or something, I am positive.”

You always feel that the group chats are going to be fun for the lifetime.

But the group chats are with the other bridesmaids without the bridesmaid. And everything goes privately such that bridesmaid would get frustrated with that at one end moment. And hence they feel that it is the time to delete the WhatsApp instantly because nothing is like as we have expected ever.

Expectations are some like that the others are going to pull their weight. But automatically we can conclude that it is like assuming roles within the bridesmaid group. The only person is doing everything like all other arrangements but others all present will provide them with encouraging them while standing there. Well, every bridesmaid present there with the bride must know her duty of doing things correctly.

Well, you always think that the bonding with the other bridesmaid would be the perfect one after you have attended the wedding with them. You feel to be good friends with each other for and after that small evening time. No matter you will remember each other, but after some time you will have a feeling that you have been back to your school and there must be hardly someone who will remember all of you. You will only keep on watching them through the clicks that you have captured together at one wedding ceremony.