Fashion blunders that you must try to avoid


Fashion blunders-In this world of perfection, it is essential that you take of what exactly you wear. Every tiny detail must be scrutinized closely. Don’t wear clothes just to be comfortable; it is important to style yourself to impress others. It is thus important to be prepared with a complete effort.
1) Do not keep the selection of your clothes pending for the last minute.

Sometimes what you think might be the right outfit can end up being the wrong one when you try it on. So, prepare yourself in advance. Never keep it for the last minute. Preparation is the key to your fashionable self.

Here are the fashion blunders that should be avoided

Fashion blunders that you must try to avoid
2) Fashion is important, but it is fashionable only when you keep all the factors in your mind.

Do not just go about wearing a summer dress on a winter day. Fashionable isn’t being dumb.

Fashion blunders that you must try to avoid
3)  Keep in mind what are you dressing for.

One of the fashion blunders is that wearing high heels to a golf course isn’t playing your styles. Wear the correct shoes for the correct place. Blend your styles according to the place you are visiting.

4) The fit is extremely important

Too loose or to tight a dress can be a misrepresentation of who you are and what is your personality. It can convey something that is extremely opposite of who you are.

5) Be flawless

Though this can be an unrealistic concept. However. You can take care of those tiny flaws that make you look immensely awful. Press away those frizzes in your cloth and cut off the loose threads.

6) Accessories

Less is more. I am sure you have heard this over a million times. However, you must indulge yourself in some of them at least to get that full effect. Do not just ignore them completely.

7)The material of your dress

It is important to play within your budget. However, make sure the ones you get must look elegant and importantly NOT CHEAP. Even cheap clothes can often have that glamorous and expensive look. My advice to you is to choose smartly.

8) Colour Combination
Make it sober. Don’t just too random bright color it makes you look as if you are begging for attention. Mix it up. And everything will be great.

9) Avoid Weird Prints
Patterns can be a tricky one. Just don’t blindly follow the latest fashion. When you see a piece of clothing with bold prints ask yourself is it the one that reflects your personality. If the answer is yes just go for it.

10) What you wear inside is equally important.

That’s right your inner wear is equally as important as your outfit if not more. So shed off some pennies and get the right type for your body.