Find out how your eye color is linked to your personality traits!!


Various aspects of your body tell us about your related personality traits.For example, the position of moles on your body, the lines on your hands, the shape of your toes and so on. Now, Whenever you try to contact any other person then the first thing always happen is eye contact. Without eye contact, you will not be able to fully understand what the other person is saying. We all know that the color of our eyes differs from each other.Some people have deep black eyes; some have light brown eyes, some have green eyes, some have blue eyes while some other have grey eyes. This difference is because of hereditary reasons, and you cannot do anything to change it.Your eye color is in fact linked to some of your interesting personality traits. Each one of you has differing personality traits just as the differing color of your eyes.

This article will tell you what personality traits you possess on the basis of your eye color. So, Let’s start discussing the eye color and the related personality traits on the basis of that eye color.

Black eyes

The deep black color of eyes is very rare.If you have deep black eyes, then that means that you are very trustworthy and responsible. You can share anything with them because they are so trustworthy.You can trust such person with your secrets as they will never reveal them. They are a good secret keeper.They find it difficult to trust their partners. But, They are extremely loyal when it comes to relationships, and they stick with their partners till the end. The person with dark black or brown eyes are very hard working, and they leave a task only when it is done. They are passionate about their work and have a strong determination.

Light Brown eyes

This is the second most common eye color in the world, after dark brown eyes.People with the brown color eyes are self-confident, and they have a positive outlook towards life. They believe in spreading positive vibes wherever they go. Their nature is jolly, and this makes it easier for them to make new friends.They are self-dependent, and they love their own freedom. They are independent. They are extroverts who are polite and caring. This makes their nature pleasing to other people. People with the brown eyes think from their heart. They are willing to do anything and everything for the people they love and care about. They don’t require much to keep themselves happy, and hence they are the happy-go-lucky type of people. They find pleasure in the slightest of things in life.

Hazel eyes

The best term which describes people with hazel eyes is adventurous. People with hazel eyes are fun loving and always love to go on adventure things. Hazel color is the mixture of brown and green color. The people with hazel color eyes don’t hesitate in trying something new. With their routine, they easily get bored and thus they require something new to keep themselves on their toes.They are adventure seekers. They are willing to take risks and thus are the best risk-takers as well.These type of people are short-tempered, and If you are in a relationship with them, then it won’t last long because they cannot control their anger. They only get along with people who can handle their anger. Thus, they have limited friends.

Grey eyes

These type of people are very similar to the people with brown eyes.People with the grey are very confident. They have great leadership qualities and thus are born to be dominant leaders. These people are also very passionate about their work. Once they start any work, They work on it till it is done. This shows their dedication and a strong determination. For the people they love, They are very gentle and caring.When it comes to their love life, they always try to give more than 100 %. These are the kind of people who are born to win. Their hard work and dedication towards their work make them winners in any given situation.They are very strong headed and show their gentle side only when it is needed.

Green eyes

People with the green eyes also have a very strong determination. They love to live their life to the fullest.These people have the zeal to live their life the way that they want to. This is one of the most beautiful eye colors because Green is the vibrant color.The only negative thing about green-eyed people is that they surround themselves with negative thoughts very easily. It takes very little to turn their pessimistic side on.

Blue eyes

Blue is one of the most attractive eye colors because it is so lively and fresh! The color blue attracts people towards it.Blue eyed people are always high on energy, and they always tend to make other people happy. It is an inherent quality in them. Blue eyed people are very loyal when it comes to their relationships, and they do not fear commitment. They try to give in their all to their relationships.