Find out your face shape and choose a hairstyle that suits it the best!


Hello ladies!

I know you all have always been in a dilemma as to what hairstyle looks good on you?Whenever you decide to get a haircut, you are so confused when it comes to choosing a particular hairstyle. And more than that, you fear that if that hairstyle doesn’t suit your face, you are doomed until your hair grows back and you can change your hairstyle again.When your haircut goes wrong, You sit there fretting and fuming at your new hairdo, before a party, all because it’s just not you. You just don’t feel your best. But who is there to blame?It is neither your fault, no it your hair stylist’s fault who may lack the insight of a significant fact. That fact is the shape of your face. It is none of the hair stylist’s concern to find out about the shape of your face. Rather you must do so.Your face counts a lot when your hairstyle is concerned. Your Facial structure determines what style would make you look your best. Choosing the best suitable hairstyle is just like art where you have to have the knowledge about the facial proportions.

If you don’t know that yet, Hopefully, this article will provide you enough information about your face shape and the hairstyle that will work the best for you. It will make you realize what you’ve been doing wrong till now so that you can correct those mistakes and shine like a star in the upcoming parties!

1.The Circular Face

Look in the mirror and identify whether you have a face similar to the one given in the diagram below, then you have a circular face.If you have a circular face, you should keep your hair longer. Long straight hair would be the perfect for you, making you look and elegant. Your main aim should be to make your face look longer.Alternately, you could choose a long straight fringe or a wavy ponytail. Pick any of these hairstyles as they would make you look good and suit your face shapeRemember that With a round face you should never cut your hair to the level of your chin.If you do so, it will make your face appear plump, and rounder and you need to avoid just that.

2.The Square Face

If you find your face to be square shaped, then, Like the round face, your face too has more mass, and thus it also needs longer hair. Apart from that, you also need to tone down and soften the harsh squarish features of your face.To do that, long curls would be most suitable for your face type. You may even try to get your hair styled in multiple layers which would make you look, both chic and cute. A short sideways fringe also works just as well on a square face. You just need to remember that the sides need to be longer so that your cheeks remain as covered as possible.You can try out many hairstyles just make sure to cover your face as much as you can for a more appealing look.

3.The Heart-Shaped Face

If you find your face to be V-shaped, you have a heart-shaped face.Quite a few people have a heart-shaped face, and their most prominent and distinct feature is the chin. If you too have this face shape, Medium-length flowing hair is quite suitable for you or even medium length curls will do.If you are going on a casual date or even on work, you can keep it simple by sporting a side ponytail. The reason for choosing specific hairstyles according to your face is to draw the attention away from distinctive features, which, in this case, is the chin. You need to drift the attention from your chin to your cheeks, eyes, and forehead.

4.The Diamond Shaped Face

If you have a diamond-shaped face, You have a prominent horizontal elongation of the cheek area. You need to soften this elongation of the cheek area and tone down sharp lines. To do that, you can Feature a medium length hairstyle with a side parting.This will serve your purpose. Don’t be reluctant to try the pixie cut which looks so damn cute on a lot of women. A thick fringe with waves down the sides is another hairstyle which will also give you a classy look. So, you may try even that.

5.The Rectangular Shaped Face

If you have this kind of face, you have prominent and well-defined chin and cheekbones. You can rock a bob-cut, combined with a fringe to make your rectangular face look really pretty. You would look equally good with Medium waves and a fringe. Or even long hair with fringe will work well for you!

6.The Oval Shaped Face

If you have an oval shaped face, congratulations! You don’t need to worry about anything. That is because, Among all facial shapes, this is the one that is compatible with all hairstyles.But, certain hairstyles will look the best for you! Among them are a bob-cut, or a medium length hairstyle.Both of these will make you look spectacular. If you’re going out to a social event or a big party where you’re wearing a gown, then it is better to sport light waves with medium length hair. You’ll look gorgeous that way!