Four easy ways to identify a Liar!


You will definitely find liars everywhere you go. Though they are reluctant to admit it, they will lie left right and center. For an honest person, Being lied to is one of the worst feelings that they would ever come across. But, According to experts of psychology, there are four signs a person is lying. This is based on factors of textual and linguistic analysis. Read the points below to identify a liar and prevent yourself from feeling betrayed!


1.Liars avoid mentioning themselves

A liar will bring up conversations that will not involve himself. He/she will always try to distort the truth and that’s why he/she will avoid any conversation about themselves.Because this might reveal the truth. They would rather speak or write about others and would avoid mentioning themselves at all costs.

2.A liar’s speech attitude is always negative

Liars are very negative people and that negativeness comes from their own subconscious guiltiness of repeatedly speaking lies. Though liars are habitual of telling lies, they at some corner of their heart feel guilty too and this makes them react in a negative manner.

3.A liar’s explanations are as simple as possible

Liars will always think of a simple lie. It all starts with a simple lie and then end up with a complicated web of lies in order to cover up that simple lie. Hence the reason to be as simple as possible. They don’t go for complicated lies at first because they fail to evaluate it.

4.A liar uses tries to confuse people

Liars will make a simple explanation into a complicated one just to confuse people. They tend to insert excess words and insignificant but plausible-sounding details so that the other person gets so confused that they don’t question them too much and end up buying whatever they tell them.

And the most important one: Eyes don’t lie

If you fail to observe any of the above signs, look for their eyes. Lying makes anyone nervous and increases heartbeat and causes palpitations. It also results in pupils getting dilated. So, observe their eyes and make out whether they are lying or speaking the truth.