These Expectations Vs. Reality Will Make You Laugh


Funny expectations and reality-Life is not always fair. Life also surprises us now and then when we least expect it. Sometimes in our lives, everything doesn’t go according to the plan, we may expect something else to happen, but the reality is different from our thoughts. Sometimes these differences between the expectation and the reality are laughable. Here we bring you some cases of hilarious difference between these funny expectations and reality.

Lost Brothers?

Funny expectations and reality

Both of them look ridiculous. It can be easily seen that this a case of failure of following a do it yourself guide, but it surely succeeded to give us a laugh.

Never Believe The Advertising Image

This one is quite relatable to all of us. We order or buy something by seeing the advertisement picture but often end up getting something else in reality.

Leopard Eyeshadow…?

Online makeup videos look like it is easy to copy and create the same look on oneself. Whereas it is really difficult to replicate the look. After visualizing this image you might want to think before trying to pull out some look which may make you look different and everything but not stylish.

Ready For Halloween

You may have seen a lot of people having hair dyed in a different color and pulling that look. Seeing your favorite celebrities or your friends having their hair dyed may make you also want to do the same, the box of the hair dye may assure you about pulling the look, but it may not be as you expected.

Not So Appetizing!

This is not what has been ordered. This person had been waiting to eat such delicious looking pizza but ended up with something which doesn’t look so appetizing.

Chair That Fits In Hulk’s Pocket

What now, after the chair that fits in the pocket, a television that fits in the pocket or even something bigger than that. Also, the advertisement is not appropriate. It seems like the chair is not made to fit in everyone’s pocket.

Hidden Happiness!

This is not a case of reality gone wrong. The chocolate bunny was wrapped up to pretend up to be something else which he isn’t. Although the chocolate bunny looks a lot tastier.

I Want Whole Bed

We love our cute dogs and also love to cuddle and sleep with them. It is possible when they are a puppy. Once the dogs grow up, rather than cuddling them, you should expect them to cuddle you.

Horrifying Reality!

The wrapper can make any child very happy, but the horrifying candy inside it is enough to teach a child that reality is not always what we expect.

I’m Tired

It looks like the ice cream is now tired of pretending to be a panda. The ice cream stick as if says, just throw me out enjoy your panda on the wrapper.

I Want A Dog……But Will Have A Cat

We love walking out our dogs, and their activeness makes us fall for them. Why not we start treating our cats like that? Oh yeah……. that’s why.

Princess Or A Witch?

This cake was supposed to look like a princess for some child’s birthday. All the children at the party would have been so excited to have an Elsa cake, but the reality would have been a nightmare for everyone.

Mustaches Make A Man?

It is true that mustaches look attractive. It makes a boy look classy gentleman but is it true in every case…..?

Another False Advertising?

It looks like another case of false advertising. The pack promises two scoops raisin, but there is hardly even one, though it may be good for people who are not a big fan of raisins.

Life- Expectation Vs. Reality

Life is the best example of funny expectation and reality. We may think about a simple straightway to achieve our goal. But, life surely has other plans for us. Life plants a lot of surprise hurdles in our way, but they all teach us something important. Once we reach the top, all the obstacles would be laughable.