Get long and gorgeous eyelashes in no time using these tips.


Hello pretty girls!

Have you ever looked at someone’s eyelashes and wondered how can they be so drop-dead gorgeous? Eyelashes indeed change your entire look. If you have beautiful long lashes, your entire look will feel complete. And trust me, making your lashes long and beautiful is not a big deal.There are certain precautions you need to take while applying mascara. So, today I will tell you some useful tips on how to avoid those clumpy and flaky lashes and rather make them super gorgeous.

Read the following tips and get your outshine your perfect lashes like never before!

1. Sprinkle Some Eye Shadow:

Many women are habitual of dabbing a baby powder on their eyelashes to make them look voluminous. Little do they know that sometimes, the white residue of the baby powder can form a layer on their lashes. So, it is better to use a matte eyeshadow instead of using a baby powder. This will not leave any residue on your eyelashes whatsoever! A pro tip is to Apply an eyeshadow of the same color as your mascara.

2. Heat Up your eyelash curler:

Using a hot eyelash curler to curl your lashes just doubles up the impact on your lashes. It will keep your lashes curled for a longer period of time. Heating your eyelash curler with the help of a blow dryer is a conventional method. An alternate way is to heat up the curling part of the eyelash curler. To do this, Dip the curling part of your eyelash curler in hot water for 5-7 seconds.Water will heat up the metal faster than air. Now, wipe off the water and curl your lashes.

3. Use Primer Before Curling:

Did you know that there exists a thing called as eyelash primer? Yes! Apart from the primers used for your eyes and face, there are primers especially meant for your eyelashes. An eyelash primer is applied the same way as a mascara. It makes the eyelashes thicker and let the mascara last for a longer period of time. After applying the primer, a single coat of mascara would sufficient to use, but you can go ahead and use another coat for some added drama.

4. For Lavishly Long, Perfectly Defined Lashes:

If you desire to attain the look of longer eyelashes, wiggle your mascara wand back and forth starting from the roots towards the tips. It will make the coat thicker at the roots while not weighing down your tips and will make your eyelashes appear longer and well-defined.

5. For Voluminous Lashes:

Another pro tip is to apply mascara on both the sides of your false eyelashes.This will make them look thicker and more voluminous. Remember that While applying the mascara, look up and down alternatively to get an even coat. This is sure to make your eyelashes look thicker and longer. Also, Use a baby powder or a matte eyeshadow between each coat to volumize them even more.

6. Go for Layering :

Layering is the key to beautiful makeup. Instead of applying a thick layer in one go, you must apply your makeup in thin layers. So,try to layer your mascara as well. Also, remember that it is not good to apply multiple coats of waterproof mascara because it is difficult to remove the waterproof mascara with all those rubbing and yanking of eyelashes. To avoid yourself that much trouble, apply a regular mascara in the first coat and then, apply another coat of a waterproof mascara. This will make it easy for you to remove your mascara.

7. Wipe off the Excess mascara with Tissue:

Be ready with a tissue to wipe off any excess clumpy mascara. Do not take much amount of mascara on your wand in on go.  Wipe off the wand a few times to remove any excess amount.

8. Hold the Brush in the correct manner:

You should know how to hold your mascara wand correctly to attain a perfect eyelash look. Always use the brush horizontally to get longer-looking lashes. It will separate out your lashes and make them look longer. On the other hand, if you want a natural look,use the brush vertically.

9. Soak the Tube of clumpy mascara:

Try soaking your tube of clumped up mascara in warm water. This will freshen up your mascara and will make it easy for you to remove the excess product from the sides of the tube. It will also ensure smoother application of mascara.

10. Use a Waterproof Mascara:

On rainy days, make sure to use a waterproof mascara. It will help in making your eyelashes look gorgeous for a longer period of time. The mascara will not smudge away easily and thus you’ll get a fresh look for the entire day. And as said earlier, if you find removing waterproof mascara very difficult,then apply it over a layer of regular mascara.

11. Revive your Flaky Mascara:

This is a common problem faced by all the girls out there. Sometimes the mascara becomes flaky and dries out before the expiry date. You can revive such mascara. Just add a few drops of saline solution to your mascara tube. You can also mix a few drops of your alcohol-based eye makeup remover instead of using the saline solution. This will revive your dried mascara and liquefy its formula. The application will turn out to be smoother and easier.

12. Use a Brush to separate your lashes:

Comb your lashes from the roots to the tips using a brand new baby toothbrush. The soft bristles of the toothbrush will de-clump your mascara without irritating your eyes. Never go for a used toothbrush because that can irritate or infect your eyes. Remember to sterilise the toothbrush after every use.