Homemade Banana Mask For Soft And Shiny Hair!


Hello ladies!

Winter season has arrived and is also accompanied by many festivals.  It is a season of joy and prosperity. But since every coin has two faces. Winters make air dry which is not suitable for our hair. Hair needs special care, and conditioning is a must for hair in this season.However, frequent use of artificial conditioners can be harmful to your hair. Today we will discuss a homemade conditioning mask for smooth and shiny hair. The key ingredient of this mask is banana. Banana contains potassium and fiber, which helps to strengthen your scalp, maintain the hydration and also give you frizz-free hair.


• One banana
• ½ – 1 spoon Gram flour
• Honey
• Lemon


  • slice one banana into pieces.

  • Add some gram flour to this sliced banana.

  • Now add few drops of lemon and mix it properly.

  • Add some drops of honey to this mixture to get a smooth consistency.

  • After mixing all the ingredients, you should get a thick hair mask.

  • Apply it to your hair and leave it for 20 minutes.
  •  Wash it off with warm water.

Benefits :

• helpful in the treatment of dry scalp
• Conditions your hair.
• Moisturizes and keeps your hair healthy.
• Maintains the pH level of the scalp.
• Prevents hair fall.