A True Inspirational Girl Who Has Lost Her Leg In Cancer, Performs The Excellent Dance


Girl who lost leg to cancer performs excellent dance-Everyone suffers in his life but not with the same problem. There is suffering in every life. It is inevitable for all of us. The girl, Valory Newton seemed to be handed a higher dose of the suffering than the most. In the year 2014, at the age of 8 years, She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. It is the type of bone cancer.

Girl who lost leg to cancer performs excellent dance


No one should suffer from such kind of illness at such a young age. Moreover, there should not be the time when children face the pits of hopelessness when they feel that their life completely turns on their heads. Additionally, furthermore, no child should have to suffer the loss of limb. Unfortunately or unluckily, this girl, Valory found her strength to face her illness when the doctors informed her, and her parents tha her cancer can only be prevented from having her leg amputated.


While this news was devasting for everyone, especially, for her and her family and that child. It was hard for Valory and the other cancer patients. It was the very tough time for her as a passionate dancer. She would lose her entire dancing career by her leg amputation. Moreover, it would seem to happen the same.

This young girl, Valory from Walbridge, Ohio showed us how to tackle with the toughest sufferings and to face obstacles in our life head-on. Valory has harnessed her passion for the dance instead of giving up and wallowing in self-pity. She started dancing again at the age of 10 years when the doctors told her that her cancer had not spread to the other body parts.

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She has posted her video on the Instagram on her account; the viewers can see how dedicated she has been for her dance for a couple of years when she started dancing again. She uses crutches to assist herself during a dance and has brought the new life to a song “Skyscraper.” She danced amazingly and wowed all her audience.

When she again started dancing, she began with elegant spins using the crutches to balance herself on one leg. Her next moves to this step revealed even the great extent of her passion, dedication, and ability to dance.

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The dedicated girl, Valory with exceptional agility and balance twisted her body into a backbend and flipping herself effortlessly all on one leg without the assistance of her crutches. On the Instagram, her supporters praised her unsurprisingly. Moreover, moreover, they cite her as an inspirational young woman.


It is all clear from her struggle that she not only has made herself proud by doing such an intricate dance but also she has helped others to motivate others to do anything or how they can accomplish anything that they may think impossible to do. She has been a fantastic dancer and all that she has proved after she prevented herself from her illness by amputated her leg. The girl has set an excellent example for others that never give up anything in your life. It is all our opportunities to get more success in the life and make yourself and others proud of this.