Woman Recorded And Posted The Plumber’s Video That Cracking Up On The Internet


Viral plumber who dove into sewer-The woman, Andrea Adams of Dallas from Texas had a water line burst near her driveway, and she called the plumber to come immediately and fix the problem. A plumber came there to fix the problem and guess what hilarious incident happened there that is making waves on the internet.

Viral plumber who dove into sewer

viral plumber who dove into sewer

A 23 years old, utility worker named Jimmie Cox from Texas was sent to fix the leakage problem. He could bank in some overtime because he only picked up the call. And when he arrived at the place, he saw how messy it has become due to a burst water pipe.

The plumber quickly tried to find the solution to the problem because the water was overflowing into the yard. And could cause the serious damage to it. That time, he decided to drive his head first into the moody water. It was 5 and a half foot deep.

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The woman looks outside to check on him, and when she saw him like this, she could not stop her from laughing, and she whipped out her phone to snap the photo. It was the new thing to see because it does not happen every day. A plumber smudged into your yard in the deep moody water is the funny thing to see.

She posted that photo on the facebook and people from all over the world started commenting on it within a minute. The picture gt wired too much and blew in the air that the man in the picture was started called up for the interviews. He was given the supply of jeans for a year by Wranglers. And Mike Rowe, the star of “Dirty Jobs” also wanted to thank that man for his work.

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This picture spread so quickly on the internet and go viral like a storm. The woman who has posted this picture on the facebook has ended up shutting her facebook account down because of all the recognition. Do you want to see what all the mess or fuss is about? Watch the video posted below in the article to see all the fuss about that day.

YouTube video

This man did his duty; he went up and down in the moody water. He deserves every bit of recognition that he is getting. The man said that he does not know the lady who has posted this photo of him on the social media, but it would make him a lot of money for putting his head first in the moody water.