Go get married if you find these 18 aspects in your relationship.


Look out for these signs, and if you find these in your guy, then its safe to assume that you have found your perfect one.Your knight in shining armor.


2. He respects your choices

If you share this feeling with a guy, where he admires your decisions and gives you space to make your own choices, you don’t need to think twice girl essential is the one. This is the foremost important factor in a relationship. Respecting each other’s choices is the key to a balanced relation. A bond can only be strengthened where there is an effort from both sides to try and understand things from the perspective of the other and then reaching a conclusion.

3.He doesn’t try to change you.

He accepts all of you as a complete package with all your strengths and your flaws.Nobody is flawless, of course, he knows you’re a little messy, that you always need a pet cat, and you may not be a good cook. That’s what is so amazing; he doesn’t bash you for the little things you can’t do instead appreciates your efforts.