See how your choice of who is in danger in this particular post corresponds to your behaviour


As it’s always said that, “Accidents don’t arrive with a bell on its neck”.

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Our mind works in wondrous ways. Human brain I believe is the single most fantastic creation. It is mighty, and if you learn how to harness that power, you can achieve great things and create miracles. Often we’re left amazed by what our mind is capable of doing. We all have thoughts we can’t explain, many times it gives rise to experiences that are hard to put in words. Choices that cant is justified and impulses that cant be controlled. All of these are mysterious workings of the mind that we contemplate on.

Here is an image depicting a particular situation. It clearly evident that it contains four people who are just about to have an accident. Now what you have to do is choose one among the four options i.e. a,b,c, or,d according to your own understanding. It may differ from person to person since ed upon one person may think a to be in immediate danger than let say, b, c, or,d. It i all about your subconscious thoughts and how they affect your choices. Although it looks like a drab entertainment quiz, it depicts how you perceive life. Though the 4 guys are all very close to having an accident, but choosing only 1 out of these is the trick.

Don’t forget guys it’s not science, but based on psychology studying major traits of human behavior.check if this works for you.

If you chose option A

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You take life head-on, it’s like taking life by horns and having an attitude of come what may. You take things coolly, where you either tame the odds, letting your heart run free or you find a way to find come to terms with the situation until you take the reins back in your hands, patiently waiting for your time. Whichever the case may be, one thing is certain, you never give up.

You garner nature and only take on a reprimanding and assume a stern persona only when it becomes absolutely necessary for collective welfare. Animals are your absolute favorite! If it was up to you, you wouldn’t give a second thought to turning your house into a safari! You support causes against animal cruelty and believe in animal welfare. Also, you are an ardent climate change activist. You are also a bit conventional in your values and adhere to a strict prescribed code of living life. It isn’t necessarily a code dictated by society but your personal moral code.

If you answered B

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You are a very strong persona, a force to be reckoned with. You have a tantalizing personality, one which instantly livens a gathering. You inspire people to be better versions of themselves. You are an ardent traveler and strongly express the spirit of wanderlust! You are more of an experience-over-luxuries person, which means you believe in undertaking journeys be it physical, psychological or spiritual. You like learning from your experiences and would rather prefer traveling and exploring new places, rising to breath-taking views than booking the most expensive of suites and lounging around if given a chance. You love chasing butterflies, and in turn life opportunities, an extremely optimistic personality, stopping by to pet puppies and spending time with children and elders. You take your time to smell the flowers and like wearing vibrant clothes and ethnic accessories. You are conscious of only using harm-free products and couldn’t care less about your appearance as long as you are happy and comfortable. You dance with all your heart and laugh out loud because concealing is not your personality. You have a keen sense of questioning that at times have caused you some grief too. It is hard to stay free-spirited in today’s world, be careful not to get carried away and remember don’t change yourself for the world. Score the skies!

If you answered C

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You are an introvert personality, you tend to be quiet around large groups of people and when asked a question, try to shy away from it. Though you barely talk, you listen, you are an excellent listener. This makes you a keen observer, and you learn a lot and makes you more knowledgeable than people accredit you for. You are good at finding your safe havens or creating one, i.e., solitary seats at any event, given you muster the courage to show up. You may not express it, but you have a strong opinion and unbiased approach to situations.You dress up in somber colors .the less flashy the attire, the better it suits you. ‘You can’t see me,’ John Cena style! that’s your goal as you try to navigate your way around the overcrowded sea of people along the journey of life.

You are a devote reader and will most likely carry a book everywhere with you. A desire to escape from things when it starts getting out of hand and people invade your private space. You also carry a pair of earphones every time, classic escape from making any small talk. However, if you find a kindred soul or someone approaches you upfront, there is no stopping you, you enjoy talking at great length with people you are comfortable with.

If you answered D

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Old School

You are a person of long-standing habits and do not like to change, in fact, may even be averse to making changes. You enjoy a close knit setup, and you are perfectly happy waking up at the same time every morning, following your schedule as closely as possible running through your rituals. From making the bed, changing your nightdress, having the same breakfast and toast from your early childhood days, picking your cup of coffee and reaching out to your newspaper perched in your front yard. Looking up every once in a while t glance at the passerby and thinking what the world has come to. You ponder over the changing dynamics of society and feel hopeless about how everyone seems to be running in a rat-race with honkers, and no one ever stops to reflect on the wonders of life. You wear easy breezy clothes, and your favorite piece of furniture is your rocking chair. Being old school does not necessarily mean that you are the age old in that sense, it just means you like things a certain way, and yours is a convention driven way. You listen to old music and cringe about the evolution of lyrics over the decades. While we respect your choice, it wouldn’t harm you to sort of go around and explore other perspectives, learn new things.