Growing up between the first and the last day at school.

  • Changes

I am glad mothers can be really stubborn at times, else we would never have this picture. I wonder what was this little guy’s story over the years as he walked in through the gates of kindergarten and finally walking out through different gates as a handsome young man.

As children grow their parents become less of a guardian and more of a companion. This daughter-father duo in here must be one of a kind. Laughing with such ecstasy, this picture symbolizes the strength of their bond.  I  admire this loving relationship they share. 

  • The slight transformations

Posing in the same outfit he looks simply adorable.  The miracle of growing older is portrayed well via this picture. It sure almost feels surreal to me.

  • The bright ones

It is a common sight to see children being silly and playful and it is often easy to bypass them for being anything that is serious. How strange would it be if someone had told this pretty little girl would one day grow up to operate you?