The Love for artificial beauty.

  • The need to transform, to become better than what we already are, to have a painted face– red lips, dark eyes, thick brows and toned skin can be an addiction. Our appearances transform every time we step out. In this world of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook we must look stunning and picture perfect at all times.

  • Hours put into that perfect arch of eyebrows, every lock of hair aligned correctly, mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, eyeliner, toner, blush and the list remains endless, everything must be applied with care and expertise to give the desired appearance.

  • However, we forget about the natural hardships- sweat, allergies, tears, and most importantly comfort. We move around lightly, dabbing with tissues at any speck of sweat on our forehead, applying and reapplying to cover up any mishaps caused.  Brushing your hair and remaining stiff not hugging your friends and barely having fun, that is what we end up doing.

  • Enjoying food can become a real task. The lipstick stain on coffee cups is a real embarrassment. It gets worse when your teeth catch some of the smudges and no one will even pinpoint it out to you.