Half Bun Hairstyle Tutorial Step By Step


The half bun hairstyle is some sort of glamorous hairstyle as well as it is pretty easy and quick hairstyle too. Half buns are one of the easiest hairstyles that can be done in just a few minutes and provides you a funky look. You just have to so some sort of partition of hair and at the end wrap it up on the top of your head. This is casual as well as a classic that would go with any type of personality. For the perfect half bun, you need at least shoulder length hair and use hairspray to keep the hair in position for a longer period of time and use hair clip and clear elastic band to secure your hairstyle.

Half Bun Hairstyle Tutorial Step By Step

Half Bun Hairstyle


  • Divide a small portion of your hair from the upper part of the hair and comb it to remove all the tangles.
  • Now starts french braiding this portion.
  • To do french braid takes three strands of hair from that particular portion and start a normal braid.
  • After the normal braid takes a strand of the covering hair and tie it with the outer strand and then continue this step till you reach you back of your head.
  • Now secure it using a clear elastic band and now start turning the end and wrap it up into duff.
  • After turning it into a bun secure it with the hair clip and use hairspray over the bun to make it still.

if you want a classic bun as it is easier than the above one then you can skip the braiding step and directly turn it into a half but after the turning process and secure it using a hair clip or secure it with an elastic band. See more ideas about Hairstyles here are 9 evergreen hairstyles for you