Your body is asking you for help. Don’t ignore it!

 Health warning sign-When you have good health, you naturally look attractive. Problems with hair, nails, etc. are often warded off as stress and age issues but it could also be a hidden health problem. Our body speaks to us. If our appearance has somehow changed or there are particular aches in some regions of our body, we should look into it. We have listed ten signs here that could indicate some problem which is hidden. Nothing is more important than one’s health; we should remember that.

Health Warning Sign


Health Warning Sign

Sprains, fractures, infections, etc. lead to swelling of the feet. You will notice that your shoes have suddenly become tight. When someone suffers from heart failure, there is swelling in the lower portion of the legs due to impaired pumping function.

Dry skin

Health Warning Sign-This occurs when your skin is exposed to cold air and hot showers. Flaky skin indicates dehydration. The skin doesn’t get enough nutrition in cases of hypothyroidism, diabetes, malnutrition, etc.


Abundant hair growth

When there is aesthetic discomfort along with too much sudden hair growth in the body, there may be an underlying cause of it. PCOS can be a reason in the case of women of reproductive ages. There could be irregular menstruation in such instances or its absence too.


This could be an indication of osteoporosis. There is a connection between wrinkles and bone health for women hitting menopause. When there are more wrinkles, bone density decreases too.

Hair loss

Dry or rare hair can be a health warning sign of thyroid dysfunction. By taking a normal blood test, thyroid hormones can be checked.

Redness of face

Redness of the face could be due to a lot of problems. Redness with pain can be due to rosacea, a chronic skin disease. The causes are however unknown.

Lip cracks

Cracks in the corners happen due to Sjoegren’s syndrome- an autoimmune pathology. This manifests itself in the form of dry eyes, mouth, skin, skin, joint pain, etc.

Black acanthosis

If you see black spots on the back of the neck, which is often regarded as mud can be black acanthosis. Its characterized by darkening and thickening of skin areas. This occurs in patients who have diabetes, insulin resistance issues or obesity.

Deformed nails

It’s time to visit a doctor if your fingers have small dents or marks similar to the marks of a needle. The nails can be brown, yellow or thickened in nature. Psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis. Focal alopecia, pigment dermatosis ad Reiter’s syndrome can be a hidden cause.

Yellow eyes

Eyes are a mirror of the soul and liver too! If your eyes turn yellow suddenly, see a doctor. It could be due to hepatitis, cirrhosis or violation of bile when it passes through bile ducts.