Common Healthy Habits For The Woman To Survive Happily


What are the healthy habits for women? There have always been restrictions and old traditions for the woman in every society. There come some traditions for the woman at every era which women had to follow.

However, sometimes it feels that it is good to have traditions and rules, but the thing which is not digestible is that why only women should follow the bad and old traditions. 

There is logic, no, not exactly logic but some arguments given about following the tradition for the ladies. Sometimes these arguments seem very unworthy.

Okay, we will not talk about the old traditions of the society for the ladies, but we will discuss some healthy traditions which should be followed by everyone, especially by the ladies.

Don’t be confused about the traditions. We will not discuss the traditions related to the caste, religion, colour and so all but we are going to tell the healthy habits which should be followed. So what are we waiting for? Let’s check it out.

Here are the healthy habits

  • Habit one

This is related to hospitality. The ladies are expected to welcome the guest properly. So what do you things about the things are required? Don’t worry we are telling you how you are going to be Miss Perfect.

If you are receiving any guest, make sure that you are providing a bathroom first so that they can get fresh before meeting anyone. 

Now you are thinking why we are telling this so let us confirm here. The intention to tell this is that the ladies are supposed to have good facilitation in the society. If someone comes to them and they receive him/her like the mentioned activity, this will show their healthy etiquette.

What are the healthy habits for women?

  • Habit two 

The second habit is also related to hospitality, but it is something which comes after the first requirement which we have mentioned in the first habit. 

We know that the guests come with the presents. They bring some sweets and edible stuff. So what we should do is that we should put those stuff in front of the guests and the other persons who are present in the room.

This is like everyone should know about the love between you and your guest. Also, your guest will be delighted due to your this behaviour.

  • Habit three

If you are in the party and you want to leave the party before they leave on time so what you’re supposed to do is that you should inform about your situation to the host.

You should not shout we mean you should not reveal your condition to all guests. You should do this work secretly so that the other persons may not go according to your schedule.

  • Habit four

This habit is about when you are not in your home, and you are sitting in a cafe. Suddenly you see something about which you want to give your view. What do you think about this? How are you going to react? Are you going to tell your view openly? Not at all you are not supposed to do such kind of thing. 

See if you have suggestions whether they are negative or positive, you should tell them in a secret manner. Secret manner is that you should tell your suggestions to the waiter.

  • Habit five

As we know that there has been a proverb that we are not supposed to check the ladies bag. Yes, we should not, but when it comes to ladies, they are advised to keep their big secret. They should not show the contents of their back to anyone.

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  • Habit six

If you are such kind of lady who cannot live without makeup, then be careful to brush your hair in the public place. If you brush your hair in the public place, you might get negative facilitation.

People can dislike you due to your falling hair. Obviously, when you brush your hair, a few of hair fall so, be careful and avoid such kind of things.

  • Habit seven

Do your make up only in the makeup room. Do not try to decorate yourself with extra loaded stuff.

If you do makeup in front of the ordinary people who are in the public place, you might get again negative facilitation. People may suppose you like you are such kind of lady who doesn’t have a natural beauty.

  • Habit eight

If you have a habit to shout at once try to leave this. Even at your home do not practice this habit.

Look, basically what the rule is that the ladies are the most tender and beautiful creation of God. When you shout you show some rigid content in your personality so decide what you want to show.

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  • Habit nine

The habit which we are going to tell you is a kind different. Some people may not like this but believe us this is the thing a lady needs.

If you are on a date or you are on a dinner or a lunch party with the male friends, ask them to fill your glass. Do not fill the glass your own. You know this is just a little lady stuff.

  • Habit ten 

If you are having soup, do not put your spoon down on the table unless you finish your whole soup. 

The thing is that when you put your spoon down on the table without finishing your soup, and again you put your spoon in your soup bowl, this may be disliked by the people. People may suppose you as an uncleaned or a dirty person. So better to be away from such kind of things.

  • Habit eleven

Do not put the purse and hats on your desk. Try to put your desk clean.

If you are sitting in a low chair, do not cross your legs. If you do this thing, you may look like a man.

  • Habit twelfth

Hold your cup of coffee with the full support of your fingers. Cover the cup of coffee with the net of your fingers. Keep in mind that you have to do this thing only when you are having coffee, not tea.

Habit thirteen

If you are with your boyfriend and you both have your cars, do not let yourself go in your car ownership. Let your boyfriend do this thing as allow him to take you home in his car. 

  • Habit fourteen

This habit which we are going to tell is very much important. Not only ladies but all persons are supposed to do this thing. 

If you are going out with your friends, do not use your smartphone. If you are sitting with your friends, parents and other people, try to interact and communicate with them. You should say goodbye to your smartphone while you have a company with these people.

  • Habit fifteen

We all have mood swings, and sometimes we get too much irritated. While having mood swings we do such kind of things which can hurt the other people.

We should always keep this thing in our mind that we have not to allow mood swings to affect our behaviour.

If you are such kind of lady who has a problem with mood swings, make sure this is not going to affect your behaviour. You can have meditation or yoga to get rid of this problem.

  • Habit sixteen

In the end, we will tell you the most important habit which will not only let you survive properly but also allow yourself to be safe.

Do not give yourself to a strange person. It doesn’t matter whether the person in front of you is a man or woman or you are taking lift weather in the day or night, but all you need to do is that you have to put yourself secure from the strangers.

Do not go with the strange persons especially with the strange men. Your security has been a preference always so make sure that you are not doing such kind of thing.

So ladies try to do these things. We hope that you will perform these activities from today.