Find Out What The Shape Of Your Lips Reveals About You


What your lips says about you? According to Scientists and physiognomists, lips have a major role in determining your personality. As a matter of fact, we express a lot verbally, and that too speaks a lot about our personality.

Find out how the shape of your lips is related to your personality traits below.

This is what your lips says about you

1. Large puffy lips.

What your lips says about you

This shape of your lips reveals that you are soft at heart. You always like to help others. You have a love for animals, and you probably brought many stray animals to your home during your childhood. You are strong-minded and have the ability and will to help others. You always think about others in a tough situation. You’ll probably turn out to be the best parent anyone could ever get.

2. The Upper Lip Is Bigger Than The Lower Lip.

These type of people are a combination of both simplicity and charm. They are a drama- queen and like to draw people’s attention towards themselves. They are intelligent beings and also like to impart some of their intelligence to others. They are extroverted and sarcastic.

3. The Lower Lip Is Larger Than The Upper One.

These type of people are fun loving and adventurous. They are not meant for boring office work. They seek to travel new places, find new friends and interact with new people. Routine bores them. They are generally the leaders, and people tend to follow them on their new adventures.

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4. Ordinary Lips

These people are smarter than others when it comes to common sense. They have a balanced mind and can solve various problems easily. They are good listeners and can manipulate negative feedback into a positive one. They are sarcastic with a good sense of humor. They are interactive and love to laugh and talk with other people.

5. Thin Lips

These are the reserved kind of people. They like to stay at their home by themselves. They respect other people and value their actions. They are self-dependent and like to solve their problems on their own.If you are a guy with these type of lips, then you probably don’t require any partner. You can chill and have fun on your own.

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6. Sharp Philtrum Upper Lip

These type of people are very creative and are good artists. They have a good memory and can remember people’s faces and names for a very long time. They are extroverts and are socially very active. They are successful in their work.

7. Rounded Philtrum Upper Lip.

These type of people are sensitive, kind and compassionate. You always try to solve people’s problems with your strong decision making power. You like to go around the world.

8.  Upper Lip Without A Philtrum

They are the type of people one can blindly depend on. They are known for completing their work on time. Deadlines and the word impossible don’t stress them. They are of a belief that ‘impossible’ itself says ‘I am possible’. Their family friends and colleagues can depend on them easily. They complete all their work on time, and this quality of theirs makes them dependable.

9. Small Puffy Lips.

These type of people keep their happiness and satisfaction as number one on their priority list. Due to this reason, they might seem to be egoistic at first, but they actually are not egoistic at all. Rather, they are sympathetic and committed. They are helping and thus are liked by others eventually.

10. Thin Upper Lip.

These type of people are the true leaders. They have a strong convincing power, and people thus tend to follow them. They are successful in solving their own problems as well as the problems of their friends. They, however, find difficulty in their love life. Their main motto is to be someone and not to be with someone, so that pacifies everything.

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