5 Best Delicious And Healthy Wraps That You Can Take Along With You


Healthy wraps-Well, we have always heard of our parents and teachers telling us not to eat fast food at lunchtime. We must even forget about them. Then if you still want to go with it, we will recommend you to turn your food into the wrap instead of the same. Here we are with such tricks which will maintain your taste with ten best recipes with which you can start with them. Every wrap we have prepared is very healthy. It is even very delicious at the same time.

Aubergine and hummus wrap

5 Best Delicious And Healthy Wraps That You Can Take Along With You

For preparing the wrap, you will need:

One piece of the flatbread, five olives, one-fourth cup of the hummus along with one-fourth cup of baked aubergine. Also, you need one hand full of lettuce.

How can you prepare it?

Your first step is to spread the hummus on the flatbread. Now you need to chop the olives and then lay down the leaves of the lettuce on the flatbread bread you have bought. You can now add olives and then the prepared one on the baked aubergine. Now the dish is ready, and you all need to wrap it and eat.

The vegetable is one of the healthy wraps

For the preparation of the wrap you will need:

One piece of the flatbread along with with one-fourth of the cucumber and two tablespoons of the hummus. Also, use five olives with one tomato, one carrot, and some other herbs.

Procedure for the preparation:

Your first step is to chop the tomato, cucumber, carrot, and olives. Now take the flatbread and then spread hummus over it. Now bring rest ingredients to lay over it. Now roll your wrap to eat.

Greek wrap

For the preparation of the wrap you will need the following ingredients:

You will need one cup of the romaine along with one piece of the flatbread. Take one-fourth cup of the Feta cheese and that of chick-peas. Now take half a cucumber and the one-fourth of the onion bulb. Now use two tablespoons of the tzatziki sauce.

Method to prepare:

You need first to boil the chick-peas for around two hours. Now add salt to it for about ten to twenty minutes before they are ready to cook. Now pour out the hot water from the container and then fill up the pot with the chickpeas to fill it with the cold water. If the peas have turned to be hard, then you can boil them for the next thirty to fifty minutes.

Hot cover with beans

The primary ingredients required to prepare the wrap are:

One piece of the flatbread along with one avocado. Now bring the one-four cup of the black beans and one-four of the onion bulb. Use one full spoon of the hot chili sauce.

How can you prepare the wrap:

You need to soak the beans for the next eight hours. Now boil them up for the next twenty minutes. Pour the hot water out and then allow the beans to cool down. Now bring the onion and avocado to chop them in the large pieces.

Use the flatbread to lay all the ingredients and then sprinkle the chili sauce to wrap later and eat.

Spicy chicken is an another healthy wraps

For the preparation of the wrap, you will need:

One piece of the flatbread along with half of the chicken breast and one-fourth cup of boiled chick-peas. Also bring parsley, oregano, lettuce leaves into the picture.

Methods of preparation:

You need to boil and then chop the chicken breasts. Now mix up the peas, oregano, and parsley along with the yogurt. Now bring the thick and tasty sauce into the picture to add the taste to your wrap. All you need is to spread the sauce on the flatbread. Now lay down the chopped chicken along with the lettuce leaves, and now your cover is ready to roll it up and eat.

Well, we hope you liked our methods to eat fresh and healthy food or the fast food that children always pray but parents decline them to serve. Hope with this children will even enjoy their meals