How to Remain In The Cold Weather when You do Not Have Air Conditioner At the Home


Keep your house cool in the summer without an air conditioner-Surviving in such hot weather is difficult. Every day we feel hot, and some people even die because of the rising temperature. It has been difficult for them to intake the fresh breathe and hence are the victims of the heart attacks. But what if your apartment is on the fifth floor, and it is the first house level that you got. The sun shines directly over your house, and hence its rays have direct contact with your home. The roof of the house can be flat, and thus the temperature of the outside reaches the 100 F.

Keep your house cool in the summer without an air conditioner

 Keep your house cool in the summer without an air conditioner

On top of all such things, you do not have the air conditioner at your home such that you can enjoy your living in the house. But many people do not have much money first to buy the air conditioner and then pay its bill. But you should not worry we have the solution to their problems of hot weather. Here are some different ways you can cool yourself in such hot conditions.

Here are the ways to cool your house in the summer without an air conditioner and comfortably have a proper sleep.

If you want to cool down your room at night, you must make sure that it is cool during the daytime.

To keep your room cool you should not let outside air let in your house. Check if the outside temperature is more than 75 F then shut the windows of your home and open it from 4 am to 7 am. And after that, you must open the windows after 8 pm. It would help you keep your homes nice.

When it comes to the use of the curtains, you must avoid the plastic curtains as they gradually heat up and fade away very often.

Try to keep the things like carpets, rugs and the pillows away so that they will not spread dust into the hair. It will also help to keep the air clean.

When you open up the windows, then you must hang a wet towel in front of it so that it will cool the temperature of your room over full night. The much-wet room can also become humid.

When there were no air conditioners, then people used to wet their floors so that sleep properly overnight.

Use of Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a low cost that helps to keep our rooms pretty cool when attached to the ceiling. These fans also have the two types of modes one for summers and one for winters. While using in summers, you must make sure of their use.

You can also check through the blades of the fans that they should rotate in the counterclockwise direction that will pull air upwards.

Homemade air conditioner.

If you are using the average fan, then it will pull the hot air from the surroundings and also, its fan heats up the air in the room. But the fan can turn into the actual air conditioner.

You can place the freeze bottles in front of the fan, and hence air will cool down in the whole room. If it is much hot, then you can go for teh two bottles freeze and also change them after every four to five hours.

Cool down your beds.

Replace the bed sheets of synthetic to cotton. Cotton is the excellent absorber of the sweat and makes our body feel cool.

You must make sure that you wear cotton clothes because tehy are suitable for heating purposes.

Another idea is to cool down the bed sheets by placing them in the fridge and then put them on your bed before you go to sleep. But make sure that you should not use the comforter in the fridge it will make you feel sick.

Mattresses that are with the memory foam are useful for retaining heat and thus valuable for winters. We can put them in the fridge.

The time when you have an air conditioner at home.

When we sit under the air conditioner, we feel cold and healthy very often. We cannot be happy with it always. Well, scientists claim that we can sleep better under the temperature of 64 F. And we should set the mode of it accordingly so that we do not feel much hot and cold.