Check Out What Your Body Language Speak About Your Personality


Body language reveals your personality-Your body will never lie regarding your personality. There are many things about which your body send signals, and it gets into the strange enters. Your everyday body movements, gestures, and postures reveal about your personality. It is not up to how you present your body language to others while it is your spiritual movements which gives your body type.

How Body Language Reveals Your Personality

How Body Language Reveals Your Personality

According to the research, it is out that 90% of human communication is through non-verbal means. And 7% attention is to the spoken words, 38% communication is on the type of tone you use while speaking, and 55%if connection is through our body language. It is the reason that even most popular articulate of folks get misunderstood often. It matters less to what you say instead it is what your body speaks about you.

How much space is there in front of your upper body/torso?

If you leave a lot of space left open, then that shows how confident you are to speak in front of others and how quickly you get free to the environment around you. And it shows your defense mode when you are standing with the crossed arms around your chest and clutching the straps of your bag.

If you are standing in the constant pose in front of others like this, then they may doubt you as if you are not trusting on them or you get nervous after meeting the new people or even they might think that you are not good at the opening with others.

Some people are confident to speak in front of others such that they trust themselves for their speaking, but they do not know what their body language reveals about their character.

You will never know what your body language will show your postures while speaking. You need to protect yourself from such kind. Many kids grow in an environment where there is a restriction to show their emotions to others, and hence some people among them feel shy to speak in front of others. They always remain quiet all the time.

Where are your feet facing?

According to the experts, except our mouth, nothing in our body lies. Also, your feet are the most honest part of your body. The feet are the part on which our full body depends. There is nothing to lie regarding them. Those feet help us to flee, hide, escape, or attack to survive. It is how to reach the other entities to remain in your personal space.

Where do you usually place your arms?

If you are sitting with the crossed arms, then that means that you are an open minded person and if you take the same gestures regarding your relationship, then it means that you are free to your partner for sharing your past relationships with him and also your love for him. You might be showing some actions to them while they speak, but then they may say that you are not listening to them.

Whenever you are in the business meetings and listening to what your colleague or your friend is discussing with you, then you must be aware of the gestures and the placed arms a.nd legs. But if you cross your arms and say “Great Idea”, then that means you have not even got its bit.

If you are continually sitting under this position, then it suggests that you are here with the new ideas to share. You have diverse opinions. But if you are sitting with the open arms on your sides, then that means you do not know anything about the project, and also you are not open up and afraid to get new ideas with you. Also, you are in the emotionally charged conversation.

How much space do you own in a room?

It is how much space you cover while you are with your friends for an outing or if you are in the elevator. You should never slump and keep your legs and arms closed always. Make it possible that you cover little space in the room.

You must be confident while speaking in front of your circle. You should open up your legs and arms a little so that the person in front of you will have good opinions regarding your confidence level. Do not show useless gestures in front of others while you are giving a presentation. Keep your facing calm and smiling always.